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Open access2014_Onishi_CES.pdf.jpg21-Mar-2014Simultaneous synthesis of work exchange networks with heat integrationOnishi, Viviani C.; Ravagnani, Mauro A.S.S.; Caballero, José A.
Open access2013_Onishi_etal_AIChE-Journal.pdf.jpgDec-2013Simultaneous synthesis of heat exchanger networks with pressure recovery: optimal integration between heat and workOnishi, Viviani C.; Ravagnani, Mauro A.S.S.; Caballero, José A.
Open access2015_Quirante_etal_AIChE-Journal_final.pdf.jpgJul-2015Rigorous design of distillation columns using surrogate models based on Kriging interpolationQuirante, Natalia; Javaloyes Antón, Juan; Caballero, José A.
Open access2014_Caballero_CACE.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2014Logic hybrid simulation-optimization algorithm for distillation designCaballero, José A.
Open access2014_Onishi_etal_CACE_final.pdf.jpg2014MINLP Model for the Synthesis of Heat Exchanger Networks with Handling Pressure of Process StreamsOnishi, Viviani C.; Ravagnani, Mauro A.S.S.; Caballero, José A.
Open access2014_Onishi_etal_CACE_final.pdf.jpg2014MINLP Optimization Algorithm for the Synthesis of Heat and Work Exchange NetworksOnishi, Viviani C.; Ravagnani, Mauro A.S.S.; Caballero, José A.
Open accessHIDiC_JARL_AIChE2012.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2012A hybrid simulation-optimization approach for the design of internally heat-integrated distillation columnsReyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Caballero, José A.; Navarro Amorós, Miguel Ángel
Open accessPSE_v80i3_seminar_JAReyesLabarta_CAPD_CMU2012.pdf.jpgOct-2012Some examples of modeling in chemical engineering: thermal treatment of polymers, phase equilibrium calculations and process designReyes-Labarta, Juan A.
Open access2014_Ruiz-Femenia_etal_IECR_final.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2014Logic-Based Outer-Approximation Algorithm for Solving Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Optimization ProblemsRuiz-Femenia, Rubén; Flores-Tlacuahuac, Antonio; Grossmann, Ignacio E.
Open access2017_Miranda_etal_ApplThermEng_final.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2017Optimal synthesis of multiperiod heat exchanger networks: A sequential approachMiranda, Camila B.; Costa, Caliane B.B.; Caballero, José A.; Ravagnani, Mauro A.S.S.