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Open access2014_Caballero_etal_AppliedEnergy.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2014Integration of different models in the design of chemical processes: Application to the design of a power plantCaballero, José A.; Navarro Amorós, Miguel Ángel; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Grossmann, Ignacio E.
Open access2014_Navarro-Amoros_etal_CACE.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2014Integration of modular process simulators under the Generalized Disjunctive Programming framework for the structural flowsheet optimizationNavarro Amorós, Miguel Ángel; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Caballero, José A.
Open access2013_Navarro_etal_C&CE_final.pdf.jpg13-Sep-2013An alternative disjunctive optimization model for heat integration with variable temperaturesNavarro Amorós, Miguel Ángel; Caballero, José A.; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Grossmann, Ignacio E.
Open access2014_Ruiz-Femenia_etal_IECR_final.pdf.jpg2-Jan-2014Logic-Based Outer-Approximation Algorithm for Solving Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Optimization ProblemsRuiz-Femenia, Rubén; Flores-Tlacuahuac, Antonio; Grossmann, Ignacio E.
Open access2013_Navarro_etal_AIChE_final.pdf.jpgOct-2013A new technique for recovering energy in thermally coupled distillation using vapor recompression cyclesNavarro Amorós, Miguel Ángel; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Caballero, José A.
Open access2014_Reyes_etal_CACE_final.pdf.jpg2014Handling of Uncertainty in Life Cycle Inventory by Correlated Multivariate Lognormal Distributions: Application to the Design of Supply Chain NetworksReyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Salcedo Díaz, Raquel; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Guillén Gosálbez, Gonzalo; Caballero, José A.
Open access2014_Ruiz-Femenia_etal_CACE_final.pdf.jpg2014Logic-Based Outer Approximation for the Design of Discrete-Continuous Dynamic Systems with Implicit DiscontinuitiesRuiz-Femenia, Rubén; Caballero, José A.; Grossmann, Ignacio E.
Open access2013_Javaloyes_etal_I&EC_final.pdf.jpg26-Sep-2013Rigorous Design of Complex Distillation Columns Using Process Simulators and the Particle Swarm Optimization AlgorithmJavaloyes Antón, Juan; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Caballero, José A.
Open access2013_Ruiz-Femenia_etal_CES_final.pdf.jpg24-May-2013Multi-objective optimization of environmentally conscious chemical supply chains under demand uncertaintyRuiz-Femenia, Rubén; Guillén Gosálbez, Gonzalo; Jiménez, Laureano; Caballero, José A.
Open access2014_Salcedo_etal_CACE_final.pdf.jpg2014Optimal Design of a Hybrid Membrane System Combining Reverse and Forward Osmosis for Seawater DesalinationSalcedo Díaz, Raquel; Ruiz-Femenia, Rubén; Caballero, José A.