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Restricted accessJEMWA_vol24_n11_12_pp1647_2010.pdf.jpgSep-2010Relation between surface curvature and electrostatic potential of a long charged isolated conductorNeipp, Cristian; Moreno Marín, Juan Carlos; Rodes Roca, José Joaquín; Francés, Jorge; Pérez Molina, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi; Beléndez, Augusto
Open access2015_Sander_etal_A&A.pdf.jpg23-Apr-2015On the consistent treatment of the quasi-hydrostatic layers in hot star atmospheresSander, Andreas; Shenar, Tomer; Hainich, Rainer; Giménez García, Ángel; Todt, Helge; Hamann, Wolf-Rainer
Open access2014_Kuhnel_etal_EPJ.pdf.jpg8-Jan-2014Luminosity dependent accretion state change in GRO J1008–57Kühnel, Matthias; Müller, Sebastian; Kreykenbohm, Ingo; Fürst, Felix; Pottschmidt, Katja; Rothschild, Richard E.; Caballero, Isabel; Grinberg, Victoria; Schönherr, Gabriele; Shrader, Chris; Klochkov, Dmitry; Staubert, Rüdiger; Ferrigno, Carlo; Torrejon, Jose M.; Martínez Núñez, Silvia; Wilms, Jörn
Open access2013_Muller_etal_A&A.pdf.jpg8-Feb-2013No anticorrelation between cyclotron line energy and X-ray flux in 4U 0115+634Müller, Sebastian; Ferrigno, Carlo; Kühnel, Matthias; Schönherr, Gabriele; Becker, Peter A.; Wolff, Michael T.; Hertel, Dominik; Schwarm, Fritz-Walter; Grinberg, Victoria; Obst, Maria; Caballero, Isabel; Pottschmidt, Katja; Fürst, Felix; Kreykenbohm, Ingo; Rothschild, Richard E.; Hemphill, Paul; Martínez Núñez, Silvia; Torrejon, Jose M.; Klochkov, Dmitry; Staubert, Rüdiger; Wilms, Jörn
Open access2015_Torrejon_etal_The-Astrophysical-Journal.pdf.jpg3-Sep-2015On the Radial Onset of Clumping in the Wind of the B0I Massive Star QV NorTorrejon, Jose M.; Schulz, Norbert S.; Nowak, Michael A.; Oskinova, Lidia M.; Rodes Roca, José Joaquín; Shenar, Tomer; Wilms, Jörn
Open accessMNRAS-2015-Sidoli-1299-303.pdf.jpg21-Feb-2015Probing large-scale wind structures in Vela X–1 using off-states with INTEGRALSidoli, Lara; Paizis, Adamantia; Fürst, Felix; Torrejon, Jose M.; Kretschmar, Peter; Bozzo, Enrico; Pottschmidt, Katja
Open access2014_Martinez_etal_A&A.pdf.jpg12-Mar-2014The accretion environment in Vela X-1 during a flaring period using XMM-NewtonMartínez Núñez, Silvia; Torrejon, Jose M.; Kühnel, Matthias; Kretschmar, Peter; Stuhlinger, Martin; Rodes Roca, José Joaquín; Fürst, Felix; Kreykenbohm, Ingo; Martin-Carrillo, Antonio; Pollock, Andy; Wilms, Jörn
Open access2015_Martinez_etal_A&A.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2015The donor star of the X-ray pulsar X1908+075Martínez Núñez, Silvia; Sander, Andreas; Giménez García, Ángel; González-Galán, Ana; Torrejon, Jose M.; González-Fernández, Carlos; Hamann, Wolf-Rainer
Open access2016_Kuhnel_etal_ActaPolytechnica.pdf.jpg2016The Goodness of Simultaneous Fits in ISISKühnel, Matthias; Falkner, Sebastian; Grossberger, Christoph; Ballhausen, Ralf; Dauser, Thomas; Schwarm, Fritz-Walter; Kreykenbohm, Ingo; Nowak, Michael A.; Pottschmidt, Katja; Ferrigno, Carlo; Rothschild, Richard E.; Martínez Núñez, Silvia; Torrejon, Jose M.; Fürst, Felix; Klochkov, Dmitry; Staubert, Rüdiger; Kretschmar, Peter; Wilms, Jörn
Open access2012_Reig_etal_MNRAS.pdf.jpg13-Jul-2012Accreting magnetars: a new type of high-mass X-ray binaries?Reig, Pablo; Torrejon, Jose M.; Blay, Pere