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Open access2015_Coti-Zelati_etal_MNRAS.pdf.jpg21-May-2015The X-ray outburst of the Galactic Centre magnetar SGR J1745−2900 during the first 1.5 yearCoti Zelati, Francesco; Rea, Nanda; Papitto, Alessandro; Viganò, Daniele; Pons, José A.; Turolla, Roberto; Esposito, Paolo; Haggard, Daryl; Baganoff, Frederick K.; Ponti, Gabriele; Israel, Gian Luca; Campana, Sergio; Torres, Diego F.; Tiengo, Andrea; Mereghetti, Sandro; Perna, Rosalba; Zane, Silvia; Mignani, Roberto P.; Possenti, Andrea; Stella, Luigi
Open access2016_Rodriguez_etal_MNRAS.pdf.jpg11-Mar-2016The outburst decay of the low magnetic field magnetar SWIFT J1822.3−1606: phase-resolved analysis and evidence for a variable cyclotron featureRodríguez Castillo, Guillermo A.; Israel, Gian Luca; Tiengo, Andrea; Salvetti, David; Turolla, Roberto; Zane, Silvia; Rea, Nanda; Esposito, Paolo; Mereghetti, Sandro; Perna, Rosalba; Stella, Luigi; Pons, José A.; Campana, Sergio; Götz, Diego; Motta, Sara
Restricted access2014_Perna_etal_AstronNachr_final.pdf.jpg5-Aug-2014The many lives of magnetized neutron starsPerna, Rosalba; Pons, José A.; Viganò, Daniele; Rea, Nanda
Open access2015_Guillot_etal_MonNotRAstronSoc_preprint.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2015Modelling of the surface emission of the low magnetic field magnetar SGR 0418+5729Guillot, Sebastien; Perna, Rosalba; Rea, Nanda; Viganò, Daniele; Pons, José A.
Open access2012_Rea_etal_TheAstrophysicalJournal.pdf.jpg2-Jul-2012A new low magnetic field magnetar: the 2011 outburst of Swift J1822.3–1606Rea, Nanda; Israel, Gian Luca; Esposito, Paolo; Pons, José A.; Camero-Arranz, Ascensión; Mignani, Roberto P.; Turolla, Roberto; Zane, Silvia; Burgay, Marta; Possenti, Andrea; Campana, Sergio; Enoto, Teru; Gehrels, Neil; Göğüş, Ersin; Götz, Diego; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Makishima, Kazuo; Mereghetti, Sandro; Oates, Sam R.; Palmer, David M.; Perna, Rosalba; Stella, Luigi; Tiengo, Andrea
Open access2013_Rea_etal_AstrophysicalJournalLetters.pdf.jpg11-Sep-2013A strongly magnetized pulsar within the grasp of the milky way’s supermassive black holeRea, Nanda; Esposito, Paolo; Pons, José A.; Turolla, Roberto; Torres, Diego F.; Israel, Gian Luca; Possenti, Andrea; Burgay, Marta; Viganò, Daniele; Papitto, Alessandro; Perna, Rosalba; Stella, Luigi; Ponti, Gabriele; Baganoff, Frederick K.; Haggard, Daryl; Camero-Arranz, Ascensión; Zane, Silvia; Minter, Anthony; Mereghetti, Sandro; Tiengo, Andrea; Schödel, Rainer; Feroci, Marco; Mignani, Roberto P.; Götz, Diego
Open access2013_Rea_etal_AstrophysicalJournal.pdf.jpg24-May-2013The outburst decay of the low magnetic field magnetar SGR 0418+5729Rea, Nanda; Israel, Gian Luca; Pons, José A.; Turolla, Roberto; Viganò, Daniele; Zane, Silvia; Esposito, Paolo; Perna, Rosalba; Papitto, Alessandro; Terreran, Giacomo; Tiengo, Andrea; Salvetti, David; Girart, Josep Miquel; Palau, Aina; Possenti, Andrea; Burgay, Marta; Göğüş, Ersin; Caliandro, G. Andrea; Kouveliotou, Chryssa; Götz, Diego; Mignani, Roberto P.; Ratti, Eva; Stella, Luigi
Open access2016_Israel_etal_MNRAS.pdf.jpg21-Apr-2016The discovery, monitoring and environment of SGR J1935+2154Israel, Gian Luca; Esposito, Paolo; Rea, Nanda; Coti Zelati, Francesco; Tiengo, Andrea; Campana, Sergio; Mereghetti, Sandro; Rodríguez Castillo, Guillermo A.; Götz, Diego; Burgay, Marta; Possenti, Andrea; Zane, Silvia; Turolla, Roberto; Perna, Rosalba; Cannizzaro, G.; Pons, José A.
Open access2013_Perna_etal_MMRAS.pdf.jpg24-Jul-2013The imprint of the crustal magnetic field on the thermal spectra and pulse profiles of isolated neutron starsPerna, Rosalba; Viganò, Daniele; Pons, José A.; Rea, Nanda
Open access2014_Vigano_etal_MNRAS.pdf.jpg8-Jul-2014Spectral features in isolated neutron stars induced by inhomogeneous surface temperaturesViganò, Daniele; Perna, Rosalba; Rea, Nanda; Pons, José A.