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Open accessSPIE_v8429_art84291U_2012.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2012Comparison of simplified theories in the analysis of the diffraction efficiency in surface-relief gratingsFrancés, Jorge; Neipp, Cristian; Gallego, Sergi; Bleda, Sergio; Márquez, Andrés; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessWCPE_Turquia_p460_2012.pdf.jpg1-Jul-2012University Physics Education using FacebookArribas Garde, Enrique; Nájera López, Alberto; Beléndez, Augusto; Francés, Jorge; Mora Ley, César Eduardo; Franco, María Teresa
Open accessBelendez_Edublogs_II Jornadas Innovacion_Cuenca_2011.pdf.jpg5-May-2011Uso de edublogs como recurso didáctico en la enseñanza de la FísicaBeléndez, Augusto; Francés, Jorge; Márquez, Andrés; Nájera López, Alberto; Arribas Garde, Enrique
Open accessdo2012 - 4837_DO2012_06 Gallego Rico Sergi.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2012Diffractive and interferometric methods to characterize photopolymers with crystal liquid molecules as holographic recording materialGallego, Sergi; Márquez, Andrés; Ortuño, Manuel; Francés, Jorge; Gallego Rico, Pedro; Beléndez, Augusto; Pascual, Inmaculada
Open accessPoster_ICTE_Badajoz1_2002.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2002A Java based optics virtual laboratory as a support to the teaching of optics in technical degreesBleda, Sergio; Neipp, Cristian; Márquez, Andrés; Torrejon, Jose M.; Beléndez, Augusto
Restricted accessMCM_v54_n11-12_p3204_2011_pre.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2011Notes on ‘Application of the Hamiltonian approach to nonlinear oscillators with rational and irrational elastic terms’Beléndez, Augusto; Arribas Garde, Enrique; Francés, Jorge; Pascual, Inmaculada
Open accessEngOpt2010_Lisboa_sept_2010.pdf.jpg6-Sep-2010Interference and diffraction analysis of holographic gratings using the Finite-Difference Time-Domain methodFrancés, Jorge; Neipp, Cristian; Pérez Molina, Manuel; Bleda, Sergio; Beléndez, Augusto
Restricted accessJEMWA_vol24_n11_12_pp1647_2010.pdf.jpgSep-2010Relation between surface curvature and electrostatic potential of a long charged isolated conductorNeipp, Cristian; Moreno Marín, Juan Carlos; Rodes Roca, José Joaquín; Francés, Jorge; Pérez Molina, Manuel; Gallego, Sergi; Beléndez, Augusto
Open accessPeer_evaluation_Mexico_ICPE2011.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2011Peer evaluation and teaching medical physics using remote response devices (clickers)Arribas Garde, Enrique; Nájera López, Alberto; Villalba Montoya, José Manuel; García Meseguer, María José; Beléndez, Augusto; Francés, Jorge
Restricted accessCPC_v184_n3_p469_2013.pdf.jpg1-Mar-2013Performance analysis of the FDTD method applied to holographic volume gratings: multi-core CPU versus GPU computingFrancés, Jorge; Bleda, Sergio; Neipp, Cristian; Márquez, Andrés; Pascual, Inmaculada; Beléndez, Augusto