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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Acceso abierto2013_Buxaderas_etal_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpgSep-2013Copper-Free Oxime–Palladacycle-Catalyzed Sonogashira Alkynylation of Deactivated Aryl Bromides and Chlorides in Water under Microwave IrradiationBuxaderas Pérez de Armiñán, Eduardo; Alonso, Diego A.; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso restringido2014_Buxaderas_etal_AS&C_final.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2014Synthesis of Dihydroisobenzofurans via Palladium-Catalyzed Sequential Alkynylation/Annulation of 2-Bromobenzyl and 2-Chlorobenzyl Alcohols under Microwave IrradiationBuxaderas Pérez de Armiñán, Eduardo; Alonso, Diego A.; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2017_Gomez-Martinez_Catalysts.pdf.jpg22-Mar-2017Graphene Oxide-Supported Oxime Palladacycles as Efficient Catalysts for the Suzuki–Miyaura Cross-Coupling Reaction of Aryl Bromides at Room Temperature under Aqueous ConditionsGómez-Martínez, Melania; Baeza, Alejandro; Alonso, Diego A.
Acceso abierto2013_Fernandez_etal_Molecules.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2013Palladium and organocatalysis: an excellent recipe for asymmetric synthesisFernández Ibáñez, María Ángeles; Maciá, Beatriz; Alonso, Diego A.; Pastor, Isidro M.
Acceso abierto2015_Gomez_etal_JMCA-Chem_final.pdf.jpgAug-2015Palladium nanoparticles supported on graphene and reduced graphene oxide as efficient recyclable catalyst for the Suzuki–Miyaura reaction of potassium aryltrifluoroboratesGómez-Martínez, Melania; Buxaderas Pérez de Armiñán, Eduardo; Pastor, Isidro M.; Alonso, Diego A.
Acceso abierto2018_Alonso_etal_Catalysts.pdf.jpg11-May-2018Solid-Supported Palladium Catalysts in Sonogashira Reactions: Recent DevelopmentsAlonso, Diego A.; Baeza, Alejandro; Chinchilla, Rafael; Gómez Lucas, Cecilia; Guillena, Gabriela; Pastor, Isidro M.; Ramón, Diego J.
Acceso abierto2017_Marset_etal_ChemCatChem_final.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2017Deep Eutectic Solvent Compatible Metallic Catalysts: Cationic Pyridiniophosphine Ligands in Palladium Catalyzed Cross-Coupling ReactionsMarset, Xavier; Khoshnood, Abbas; Sotorríos, Lia; Gómez Bengoa, Enrique; Alonso, Diego A.; Ramón, Diego J.