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Open access2016_Behloul_etal_Tetrahedron_final.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2016Indium-mediated cleavage of the trityl group from protected alcohols and diolsBehloul, Cherif; Chouti, Aicha; Guijarro, David; Foubelo, Francisco; Nájera, Carmen; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessjo800773q.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2008A Highly Efficient Solvent-Free Asymmetric Direct Aldol Reaction Organocatalyzed by Recoverable (s)-Binam-L-Prolinamides. ESI-MS Evidence of the Enamine-Iminium FormationGuillena, Gabriela; Hita López, María del Carmen; Nájera, Carmen; Viózquez Cámara, Santiago Fidel
Open access2015_Moles_etal_Synlett_final.pdf.jpg20-Jan-2015Aqueous Enantioselective Aldol Reaction of Methyl- and Phenylglyoxal Organocatalyzed by N-Tosyl-(S a)-binam-l-prolinamideNavarro Moles, Fernando Javier; Guillena, Gabriela; Nájera, Carmen
Restricted accessRSCadvances.pdf.jpg19-Dec-2013Aqueous organocatalyzed aldol reaction of glyoxylic acid for the enantioselective synthesis of α-hydroxy-γ-keto acidsNavarro Moles, Fernando Javier; Guillena, Gabriela; Nájera, Carmen
Restricted accessrp-Y14112sf-2.pdf.jpg17-Dec-2012Asymmetric aldol reaction with BINAM-sulfonyl polymeric organocatalystBañón Caballero, Abraham; Guillena, Gabriela; Nájera, Carmen
Open accessBienalQO-Guillena.pdf.jpgJul-2008BINAM-Prolinamidas como organocatalizadores en la reacción aldólicaGuillena, Gabriela; Nájera, Carmen; Viózquez Cámara, Santiago Fidel
Open access2014_Behloul_etal_Synthesis_final.pdf.jpg30-Apr-2014Detritylation of Protected Tetrazoles by Naphthalene-Catalyzed LithiationBehloul, Cherif; Bouchelouche, Kenza; Guijarro, David; Nájera, Carmen; Yus, Miguel
Open access2013_Buxaderas_etal_EurJOC_final.pdf.jpgSep-2013Copper-Free Oxime–Palladacycle-Catalyzed Sonogashira Alkynylation of Deactivated Aryl Bromides and Chlorides in Water under Microwave IrradiationBuxaderas Pérez de Armiñán, Eduardo; Alonso, Diego A.; Nájera, Carmen
Open access2014_Chinchilla_Najera_CR_final.pdf.jpg2014Chemicals from Alkynes with Palladium CatalystsChinchilla, Rafael; Nájera, Carmen
Restricted accessfulltext.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2009Efficient solvent-free Robinson annulation protocols for the highly enantioselective synthesis of the Wieland-Miescher ketone and analoguesBradshaw, Ben; Etxebarría Jardi, Gorka; Bonjoch Sesé, Josep; Viózquez Cámara, Santiago Fidel; Guillena, Gabriela; Nájera, Carmen