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Open accessJOC-methoxycryptopleurine.pdf.jpg7-Jan-2015Syntheses and Cytotoxicity of (R)- and (S)-7-MethoxycryptopleurineAnton-Torrecillas, Cintia; Bosque, Irene; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.; Loza, María Isabel; Brea, José
Open accessChempluschem manuscript100391546.pdf.jpg26-Jun-2012Kinetic study of thermal 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylides using differential scanning calorimetry as monitoring windowMancebo Aracil, Juan; Muñoz Guillena, María José; Such-Basañez, Ion; Sansano, Jose M.
Open access2014_Bosque_etal_JOC_final.pdf.jpg3-Feb-2014Regio- and Stereoselective Aminopentadienylation of Carbonyl CompoundsBosque, Irene; Bagdatli, Emine; Foubelo, Francisco; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2013_Bosque_etal_OBC_final.pdf.jpg17-Sep-2013A general protocol to afford enantioenriched linear homoprenylic aminesBosque, Irene; Foubelo, Francisco; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Open access2015_Ramirez_etal_OrgLett_final.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2015Photocatalytic Dehydrogenative Lactonization of 2-Arylbenzoic AcidsRamírez, Nieves P.; Bosque, Irene; Gonzalez-Gomez, Jose C.
Restricted accessReduction of polycyclic.pdf.jpg10-Apr-2010Reduction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons promoted by cobalt or manganese nanoparticlesNador, Fabiana; Moglie, Yanina; Vitale, Cristian; Yus, Miguel; Alonso, Francisco; Radivoy, Gabriel
Restricted accessUnsupported copper nanoparticles.pdf.jpg24-Feb-2010Unsupported copper nanoparticles in the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of terminal alkynes and azidesAlonso, Francisco; Moglie, Yanina; Radivoy, Gabriel; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessNickel nanoparticles.pdf.jpg6-Feb-2010Nickel nanoparticles in hydrogen-transfer reductions: characterisation and nature of the catalystAlonso, Francisco; Riente Paiva, Paola; Sirvent Pérez, Juan Alberto; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessRUA-1.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2010Ultrasound-promoted formation of isopentenyl alcohol dianion: straightforward synthesis of perhydrofuro (2,3-b)furansAlonso, Francisco; Rodríguez Fernández, María del Carmen; Sánchez Terrés, Daniel; Yus, Miguel
Restricted accessMulticomponent synthesis.pdf.jpgDec-2010Multicomponent synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles in water catalyzed by copper nanoparticles on activated carbonAlonso, Francisco; Moglie, Yanina; Radivoy, Gabriel; Yus, Miguel