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Open access2013_Vega_etal_MundoNano.pdf.jpg2013Influencia de las nanopartículas de sílice en polímeros termoplásticosVega Baudrit, José; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel; Camacho Elizondo, Melissa
Open access2015_Butron_etal_ApplSurfaceSci_final.pdf.jpg30-Mar-2015Use of statistical design of experiments in the optimization of Ar–O2 low-pressure plasma treatment conditions of polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) for increasing polarity and adhesion, and inhibiting hydrophobic recoveryButrón-García, María Isabel; Jofre-Reche, José Antonio; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Open access2015_Landete_Martin_IJAA_final.pdf.jpgApr-2015Improvement of adhesion and paint ability of EVA copolymers with different vinyl acetate contents by treatment with UV-ozoneLandete-Ruiz, María Dolores; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Restricted access2014_Donate_etal_MacromolSymp_final.pdf.jpgApr-2014Flow Micro-Calorimetry and FTIR Spectroscopy Study of Interfacial Interactions in Uncoated and Coated Calcium Carbonate Filled Polyurethane AdhesivesDonate Robles, Jessica; Liauw, Christopher M.; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Restricted access2013_Strzemiecka_etal_JC-A_final.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2013Estimation of polyurethane-carbon black interactions by means of inverse gas chromatographyStrzemiecka, Beata; Voelkel, Adam; Donate Robles, Jessica; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Restricted access2013_Garcia-Pacios_etal_POC_final.pdf.jpgDec-2013Incidence of the polyol nature in waterborne polyurethane dispersions on their performance as coatings on stainless steelGarcía Pacios, Vanesa; Colera, Manuel; Iwata, Yoshiro; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Restricted access2015_Jofre_etal_ProgOrgCoat_final.pdf.jpgNov-2015Role of the interactions between carbonate groups on the phase separation and properties of waterborne polyurethane dispersions prepared with copolymers of polycarbonate diolJofre-Reche, José Antonio; García Pacios, Vanesa; Costa, Víctor; Colera, Manuel; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Open access2015_Gardey_etal_Procedia-Materials-Science.pdf.jpg2015Combustion Synthesis of Ultrafine Powders of Co3O4 for Selective Surfaces of Solar CollectorsGardey Merino, M. Celeste; Fernández de Rapp, M. Emilia; Pinto, Mónica; Etchechoury, M. Elisa; Lassa, M. Silvina; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel; Lascalea, Gustavo E.; Vázquez, Patricia
Restricted access2017_Fuensanta_etal_POrgCoat_final.pdf.jpgNov-2017Structural characterization of polyurethane ureas and waterborne polyurethane urea dispersions made with mixtures of polyester polyol and polycarbonate diolFuensanta, Mónica; Jofre-Reche, José Antonio; Rodríguez-Llansola, Francisco; Costa, Víctor; Iglesias, José Ignacio; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel
Restricted access2017_Lasprilla_etal_IJAA_final.pdf.jpgMar-2017Water-based adhesive formulations for rubber to metal bonding developed by statistical design of experimentsLasprilla-Botero, Juliana; Álvarez-Láinez, Mónica; Acosta, Diego A.; Martín-Martínez, José Miguel