Practical Sessions Materials - 31710 General Linguistics I

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Title: Practical Sessions Materials - 31710 General Linguistics I
Authors: Muñoz Baell, Irma María
Center, Department or Service: Universidad de Alicante. Departamento de Filología Española, Lingüística General y Teoría de la Literatura
Subject: General Linguistics I | Lingüística General I
Studies: Degree in Catalan Studies | Degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies | Degree in English Studies | Degree in Spanish: Language and Literatures | Degree in French Studies
Code: 31710
Keywords: Linguistics | European Higher Education Area | ECTS | Language | Spoken languages | Sign languages | Semiotics | Communication | Linguistic myths | Description | Prescription | History of linguistics | Project based learning | University of Alicante | Learning innovation | Continuous assessment
Knowledge Area: Lingüística General
Date Created: Aug-2012
Issue Date: 4-Sep-2012
Abstract: Please click on the link below to download all the course materials required for the practical sessions. It comprises 1 introductory activity, 1 Critical Incident Questionnaire, 6 workshop activities, and 18 project based learning activities and assignments - Academic year 2011-2012 (ECTS credits: 6 (150 hours)). See the Planned Weekly Schedule (Practical sessions).
Language: eng
Tipe: learningObject
Rights: Licencia Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial-CompartirIgual 3.0
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Files in This Item:
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Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Getting_know_each_other.pdfWeek 01 - Getting to know each other206,74 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Workshop_Part_I.pdfWeek 02 - Workshop. Part I250,63 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_CIQ.pdfWeek 02 - Critical Incident Questionnaire182,01 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Workshop_Part_II.pdfWeek 02 - Workshop. Part II211,46 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Workshop_Part_III.pdfWeek 03 - Workshop. Part III223,28 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Workshop_Part_IV.pdfWeek 03 - Workshop. Part IV232,47 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Workshop_Part_V.pdfWeek 04 - Workshop. Part V231,64 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Overview.pdfWeek 04 - PBL. Creating your own Linguistics Collage. Overview195,42 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_Assignment_Howto.pdfWeek 05 - Assignment: How to study Linguistics222,2 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Forming_Groups.pdfWeek 05 - Forming Groups for PBL232,26 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Group_deliverable_01.pdfWeek 06 - Group deliverable 1: Project Team Agreement and Work Plan201,98 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Making_collage.pdfWeek 06 - Making the Linguistics Collage186,47 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Collaboration_Assessment.pdfWeek 07 - Team Collaboration Assessment231 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Individual_deliverable_01.pdfWeek 08 - Individual deliverable 1: Student Learning Log and Self-reflection on Project Work179,04 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Peer_Assessment.pdfWeek 08 - Peer Assessment212,12 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Work_Plan_Follw_Peer_Assessm.pdfWeek 08 - Work Plan Following Peer Assessment175,67 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Group_deliverable_02.pdfWeek 09 - Group deliverable 2: Work Plan Following Peer Assessment200,96 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Rough_Draft_of_Presentation.pdfWeek 12 - Rough Draft of Our Presentation196,61 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Defence_of_Proposal.pdfWeek 12 - Defence of the Proposal (Group Presentation Brief)174,87 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Project.pdfWeek 13 - Project: Linguistics Collage and Group Presentation Brief199,69 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Linguistics_Collage_Rubric.pdfWeeks 13-15 - Linguistics Collage Rubric (Four-point review)205,61 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Schedule_Presentations.pdfWeeks 13-15 - Schedule of oral presentations188,17 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Oral_Presentation_Rubric.pdfWeeks 13-15 - Linguistics Collage Oral Presentation Rubric214,72 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Individual_deliverable_02.pdfWeek 15 - Individual deliverable 2: End of Project Self-Assessment186,31 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Group_deliverable_03_PtI.pdfWeek 16 - Group deliverable 3: End of Project Self-Evaluation and Reflection. Part I187,93 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview
Thumbnail31710GenLingI_11-12_PBL_Group_deliverable_03_PtII.pdfWeek 16 - Group deliverable 3: End of Project Self-Evaluation and Reflection. Part II190,76 kBAdobe PDFOpen Preview

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