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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Restricted accesseffect_carbon.pdf.jpgFeb-2005Effect of carbon fibres on the mechanical properties and corrosion levels of reinforced portland cement mortarsGarcés, Pedro; Fraile, J.; Vilaplana-Ortego, Eduardo; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; García Alcocel, Eva María; García Andión, Luis
Restricted accessJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 565 (2004) 375–383.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2003Spectroelectrochemical study of the oxidation of aminophenols on platinum electrode in acid mediumSalavagione, Horacio Javier; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Garcés, Pedro; Morallon, Emilia; Barbero, César Alfredo; Vázquez Picó, José Luis
Restricted accessCorrosion Science 44 (2002) 2805–2816.pdf.jpg14-May-2002Corrosion behaviour at the interface of steel bars embedded in cement slurries: effect of phenol polymer coatingsGarcía Andión, Luis; Garcés, Pedro; Lapuente Aragó, Rocío; Vázquez Picó, José Luis; Cases Iborra, Francisco Javier
Restricted accessCorrosion Science 48 (2006) 1122–1136.pdf.jpg12-Jul-2005Electrochemical study of polypyrrole/PW12O-340 coatings on carbon steel electrodes as protection against corrosion in chloride aqueous solutionsBonastre Cano, José Antonio; Garcés, Pedro; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Quijada Tomás, César; García Andión, Luis; Cases Iborra, Francisco Javier
Restricted accessJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 501 (2001) 186–192.pdf.jpg23-Mar-2001Voltammetric and in situ FTIRS study of the electrochemical oxidation of aniline from aqueous solutions buffered at pH 5Cases Iborra, Francisco Javier; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Garcés, Pedro; Morallon, Emilia; Vázquez Picó, José Luis
Restricted accessCement and Concrete Research 31 (2001) 1263–1269.pdf.jpg9-Sep-2001Metallic corrosion of steels embedded in calcium aluminate cement mortarsGarcía Andión, Luis; Garcés, Pedro; Cases Iborra, Francisco Javier; García Andreu, César; Vázquez Picó, José Luis