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Restricted accessSynthetic Metals 148 (2005) 81–85.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2004The electrochemical co-polymerization of p-aminodiphenylamine and aniline: effect of pHCotarelo Méndez, María de los Ángeles; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Quijada Tomás, César; Cases Iborra, Francisco Javier; Vázquez Picó, José Luis
Restricted accessJournal of Electroanalytical Chemistry 569 (2004) 53–60.pdf.jpg25-Mar-2004Voltammetric and in situ FTIRS study on CN- and Au(CN)-x complexes at the polycrystalline gold surface in citrate mediumHuerta Arráez, Francisco; Mele, Claudio; Bozzini, Benedetto; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accessElectrochimica Acta 52 (2007) 2978–2986.pdf.jpg17-Oct-2006Tuning the electroactivity of conductive polymer at physiological pHSanchis Bermúdez, Carlos; Salavagione, Horacio Javier; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accessElectrochemistry Communications 4 (2002) 251–254.pdf.jpg14-Feb-2002Voltammetric analysis of the co-adsorption of cyanide and carbon monoxide on a Pt(111) surfaceHuerta Arráez, Francisco; Morallon, Emilia; Vázquez Picó, José Luis
Restricted accessEuropean Polymer Journal 41 (2005) 843–852.pdf.jpg29-Dec-2004Synthesis and in situ FTIRS characterization of conducting polymers obtained from aminobenzoic acid isomers at platinum electrodesBenyoucef, Abdelghani; Huerta Arráez, Francisco; Vázquez Picó, José Luis; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted accessElectrochimica Acta 44 (1998) 943-948.pdf.jpg1-Nov-1998Spectroelectrochemical study on CN− adsorbed at Pt(111) in sulphuric and perchloric mediaHuerta Arráez, Francisco; Morallon, Emilia; Quijada Tomás, César; Vázquez Picó, José Luis; Aldaz Riera, Antonio
Restricted accessElectrochimica Acta 50 (2005) 5414–5422.pdf.jpg20-Sep-2005Spectroelectrochemical study of the oxidation of diaminophenols on platinum electrodes in acidic mediumSalavagione, Horacio Javier; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Vázquez Picó, José Luis; Miras, María Cristina; Morallon, Emilia; Barbero, César Alfredo
Restricted accessEA_14379_mod.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2009Arsenic specie interactions with a porous carbon electrode as determined with an electrochemical quartz crystal microbalanceMorallon, Emilia; Arias Pardilla, Joaquín; Calo, José Manuel; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Open access2014_Taleb_etal_Electrocatalysis_final.pdf.jpgApr-2014Electrochemical and In Situ FTIR Study of o-Cresol on Platinum Electrode in Acid MediumTaleb, Z.; Montilla, Francisco; Quijada Tomás, César; Morallon, Emilia; Taleb, Safia
Restricted access2016_Bouzerafa_etal_ResChemIntermed_final.pdf.jpgMay-2016Novel nickel(II) and manganese(III) complexes with bidentate Schiff-base ligand: synthesis, spectral, thermogravimetry, electrochemical and electrocatalytical propertiesBouzerafa, Brahim; Ourari, Ali; Aggoun, Djouhra; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Ouennoughi, Yasmina; Morallon, Emilia