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Acceso abierto2015_Ortuno_etal_Chemosphere_final.pdf.jpgmar-2015Emissions of PBDD/Fs, PCDD/Fs and PBDEs from flame-retarded high-impact polystyrene under thermal stressOrtuño García, Nuria; Lundstedt, Staffan; Lundin, Lisa
Acceso abierto2015_Rodriguez_etal_Carbon_final.pdf.jpgabr-2015Towards the understanding of the graphene oxide structure: How to control the formation of humic- and fulvic-like oxidized debrisRodríguez Pastor, Iluminada; Ramos Fernández, Gloria; Varela Rizo, Helena; Terrones, Mauricio; Martín Gullón, Ignacio
Acceso abiertoLundstedt - PBDD-F plastics fires (abstract oral).pdf.jpgjun-2015Brominated dioxins in plastics – Emissions during firesLundstedt, Staffan; Sindiku, Omotayo; Ortuño García, Nuria; Lundin, Lisa
Acceso abierto669_congener_pattern.pdf.jpg2014Analysis of the Brominated Dioxin and Furan Emission Congener Pattern from Different SourcesConesa, Juan A.; Ortuño García, Nuria
Acceso abiertoOrtuño - Emissions CEMEX (abstract oral).pdf.jpgjun-2015Emissions of polybrominated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans (PBDD/Fs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from a cement kiln using a continuous monitoring systemOrtuño García, Nuria; Conesa, Juan A.; Rey Martínez, María Dolores; Rivera-Austrui, Joan; Ábalos, Manuela; Abad, Esteban
Acceso abiertoIñiguez Cantos.pdf.jpg12-may-2015Gasification and Pyrolysis of Posidonia oceanica in the Presence of DolomiteIñiguez, María Esperanza; Domene, Antonio; Conesa, Juan A.
Acceso abierto2015_Conesa_Rey_JThermAnalCalorim_final.pdf.jpgmay-2015Thermogravimetric and kinetic analysis of the decomposition of solid recovered fuel from municipal solid wasteConesa, Juan A.; Rey Martínez, Lorena
Acceso abierto2016_Conesa_etal_EnergyFuels_final.pdf.jpg18-may-2016Semivolatile and Volatile Compound Evolution during Pyrolysis and Combustion of Colombian Coffee HuskConesa, Juan A.; Sánchez, Nazly E.; Garrido, María A.; Casas, Juan C.
Acceso restringido2013_Beltran_etal_ApplClaySci_final.pdf.jpgoct-2013The influence of surfactant loading level in a montmorillonite on the thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of EVA nanocompositesBeltrán, M.I.; Benavente Domenech, Verónica; Marchante Rodríguez, Verónica; Marcilla, Antonio
Acceso abierto2016_Edo_etal_Fuel.pdf.jpg15-sep-2016The combined effect of plastics and food waste accelerates the thermal decomposition of refuse-derived fuels and fuel blendsEdo Giménez, María del Mar; Budarin, Vitaliy; Aracil, Ignacio; Persson, Per-Erik; Jansson, Stina