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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2015_Aran_etal_Electroanalysis_final.pdf.jpgApr-2015Electrochemical Characterization of Clean Shape-Controlled Pt Nanoparticles Prepared in Presence of Oleylamine/Oleic AcidArán-Ais, Rosa M.; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Herrero, Enrique; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2015_Vidal-Iglesias_etal_JPCC_final.pdf.jpg12-May-2015Spectroelectrochemical Study of the Photoinduced Catalytic Formation of 4,4′-Dimercaptoazobenzene from 4-Aminobenzenethiol Adsorbed on Nanostructured CopperVidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Orts Mateo, José M.; Rodes García, Antonio; Pérez Martínez, Juan Manuel
Open access2015_Monzo_etal_ChemElectroChem_final.pdf.jpg15-Jul-2015Electrochemical Oxidation of Small Organic Molecules on Au Nanoparticles with Preferential Surface OrientationMonzó, Javier; Malewski, Yvonne; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Rodriguez, Paramaconi
Open access2015_Vidal_etal_Electrocatalysis_final.pdf.jpgMar-2015An Easy Method for Calculating Kinetic Parameters of Electrochemical Mechanisms: Temkin’s FormalismVidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Montiel, Vicente; Aldaz Riera, Antonio
Open access2015_Figueiredo_etal_ElectrComm_final.pdf.jpgJun-2015Carbon-supported shape-controlled Pt nanoparticle electrocatalysts for direct alcohol fuel cellsFigueiredo, Marta C.; Solla-Gullón, José; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Nisula, Mikko; Feliu, Juan M.; Kallio, Tanja
Restricted access2015_Brotons_etal_Electroanalysis_final.pdf.jpgDec-2015Voltammetric Behaviour of 7-Methylguanine Using Screen-printed Graphite Electrodes: towards a Guanine Methylation Electrochemical SensorBrotons Cuevas, Ariadna; Sanjuán, Ignacio; Banks, Craig E.; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Iniesta, Jesus
Open access2015_Brotons_etal_IAE.pdf.jpg4-Nov-2015On the Specific Adsorption of 7-methylguanine on Au(111) Surfaces for the Electroanalytical Sensing of Methylation LevelsBrotons Cuevas, Ariadna; Feliu, Juan M.; Montiel, Vicente; Iniesta, Jesus; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José