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Open access2016_Aran_etal_NanoEnergy_final.pdf.jpgSep-2016The effect of interfacial pH on the surface atomic elemental distribution and on the catalytic reactivity of shape-selected bimetallic nanoparticles towards oxygen reductionArán-Ais, Rosa M.; Solla-Gullón, José; Gocyla, Martin; Heggen, Marc; Dunin-Borkowski, Rafal E.; Strasser, Peter; Herrero, Enrique; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2017_Jukk_etal_ChemElectroChem_final.pdf.jpgOct-2017Electroreduction of Oxygen on PdPt Alloy Nanocubes in Alkaline and Acidic MediaJukk, Kristel; Kongi, Nadezda; Tammeveski, Kaido; Solla-Gullón, José; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2017_Perales-Rondon_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg1-Sep-2017Formic acid electrooxidation on thallium modified platinum single crystal electrodesPerales-Rondón, Juan V.; Busó-Rogero, Carlos; Solla-Gullón, José; Herrero, Enrique; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2015_Vidal_etal_Electrocatalysis_final.pdf.jpgMar-2015An Easy Method for Calculating Kinetic Parameters of Electrochemical Mechanisms: Temkin’s FormalismVidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Solla-Gullón, José; Montiel, Vicente; Aldaz Riera, Antonio
Open access2017_Montiel_etal_CurrOpElectr_preprint.pdf.jpgFeb-2017Electrocatalysis on shape-controlled metal nanoparticles: Progress in surface cleaning methodologiesMontiel López, Miguel Ángel; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Montiel, Vicente; Solla-Gullón, José
Open access2017_Ferre-Vilaplana_etal_JMaterChemA_revised.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2017Formic acid oxidation on platinum electrodes: a detailed mechanism supported by experiments and calculations on well-defined surfacesFerre-Vilaplana, Adolfo; Perales-Rondón, Juan V.; Busó-Rogero, Carlos; Feliu, Juan M.; Herrero, Enrique
Open access2017_Aran_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg15-May-2017Understanding CO oxidation reaction on platinum nanoparticlesArán-Ais, Rosa M.; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Farias, Manuel J.S.; Solla-Gullón, José; Montiel, Vicente; Herrero, Enrique; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2015_Figueiredo_etal_ElectrComm_final.pdf.jpgJun-2015Carbon-supported shape-controlled Pt nanoparticle electrocatalysts for direct alcohol fuel cellsFigueiredo, Marta C.; Solla-Gullón, José; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Nisula, Mikko; Feliu, Juan M.; Kallio, Tanja
Open access2017_Cheuquepan_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg15-May-2017DFT and spectroelectrochemical study of cyanate adsorption on gold single crystal electrodes in neutral mediumCheuquepán, William; Orts Mateo, José M.; Rodes García, Antonio; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2017_Briega_etal_ACSCatal_final.pdf.jpg2017An Aza-Fused π-Conjugated Microporous Framework Catalyzes the Production of Hydrogen PeroxideBriega-Martos, Valentín; Ferre-Vilaplana, Adolfo; Peña, Alejandro de la; Segura, José L.; Zamora, Félix; Feliu, Juan M.; Herrero, Enrique