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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2017_Ledezma-Yanez_etal_NatureEnergy_final.pdf.jpg20-Mar-2017Interfacial water reorganization as a pH-dependent descriptor of the hydrogen evolution rate on platinum electrodesLedezma-Yanez, Isis; Wallace, W. David Z.; Sebastián, Paula; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.; Koper, Marc T.M.
Open access2017_Martinez-Hincapie_etal_RussianJElectrochem_final.pdf.jpgMar-2017Investigating interfacial parameters with platinum single crystal electrodesMartínez-Hincapié, Ricardo; Sebastián, Paula; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2016_Sebastian_etal_ElectrComm_final.pdf.jpgJan-2016Characterization of the interfaces between Au(hkl) single crystal basal plane electrodes and [Emmim][Tf2N] ionic liquidSebastián, Paula; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2018_Isoaho_etal_RSCAdv.pdf.jpg3-Apr-2018Pt-grown carbon nanofibers for detection of hydrogen peroxideIsoaho, Noora; Sainio, Sami; Wester, Niklas; Botello, Luis; Johansson, Leena-Sisko; Peltola, Emilia; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.; Koskinen, Jari; Laurila, Tomi
Open access2016_Martinez-Hincapie_etal_JPhysChemC_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2016Surface Acid–Base Properties of Anion-Adsorbed Species at Pt(111) Electrode Surfaces in Contact with CO2-Containing Perchloric Acid SolutionsMartínez-Hincapié, Ricardo; Berná Galiano, Antonio; Rodes García, Antonio; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2017_Ganassin_etal_SciRep.pdf.jpg28-Apr-2017On the pH Dependence of the Potential of Maximum Entropy of Ir(111) ElectrodesGanassin, Alberto; Sebastián, Paula; Climent, Victor; Schuhmann, Wolfgang; Bandarenka, Aliaksandr S.; Feliu, Juan M.
Embargoed2019_Martinez-Hincapie_etal_CurrOpinElectrochem_final.pdf.jpgApr-2019New probes to surface free charge at electrochemical interfaces with platinum electrodesMartínez-Hincapié, Ricardo; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Embargoed2018_Chumillas_etal_ElectActa_final.pdf.jpg1-Dec-2018Analysis of catechol, 4-methylcatechol and dopamine electrochemical reactions on different substrate materials and pH conditionsChumillas, Sara; Palomäki, Tommi; Zhang, Meng; Laurila, Tomi; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Embargoed2018_Sarabia_etal_JElectrChem_final.pdf.jpg15-Jun-2018Underpotential deposition of Nickel on platinum single crystal electrodesSarabia, Francisco J.; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2017_Sebastian_etal_ElectrActa_final.pdf.jpg20-Feb-2017Study of the Pt (111) | electrolyte interface in the region close to neutral pH solutions by the laser induced temperature jump techniqueSebastián, Paula; Martínez-Hincapié, Ricardo; Climent, Victor; Feliu, Juan M.