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Open access2012_Jorge_Olcina_Boletin_AGE.pdf.jpg2012Variaciones en la densidad del oxígeno en el aire y su influencia sobre la salud humanaOlcina Cantos, Jorge; Martín Estévez, David
Open access2018_Olcina_etal_AquaePapers.pdf.jpgJun-2018Resiliencia en el ciclo urbano del agua. Extremos pluviométricos y adaptación al cambio climático en el ámbito mediterráneoOlcina Cantos, Jorge; Campos Rosique, Andrés; Casals del Busto, Ignacio; Ayanz López-Cuervo, Juan; Rodríguez Mateos, Miguel; Martínez Puentes, Montse
Open access2017_Morote_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg9-Nov-2017Challenges and Proposals for Socio-Ecological Sustainability of the Tagus–Segura Aqueduct (Spain) under Climate ChangeMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Rico, Antonio
Open access2016_Morote_etal_Water.pdf.jpg31-Aug-2016Causes of Domestic Water Consumption Trends in the City of Alicante: Exploring the Links between the Housing Bubble, the Types of Housing and the Socio-Economic FactorsMorote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Hernández Hernández, María; Rico, Antonio
Restricted access2017_Meseguer_etal_IntJClimatol_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2017The temporal fractality of precipitation in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands and its relation to other precipitation variability indicesMeseguer-Ruiz, Óliver; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Sarricolea, Pablo; Martín Vide, Javier
Open access2014_March_etal_Journal-of-Hydrology.pdf.jpg19-Apr-2014The End of Scarcity? Water Desalination as The New Cornucopia for Mediterranean SpainMarch, Hug; Sauri, David; Rico, Antonio
Restricted accessWater_Resources_Management.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2012Beyond megaprojects?. Water alternatives for mass tourism in coastal Mediterranean SpainRico, Antonio; Sauri, David; Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Vera-Rebollo, José Fernando
Open access2016_Olcina_etal_DPM_rev.pdf.jpg2016Flood policy in Spain: a review for the period 1983-2013Olcina Cantos, Jorge; Sauri, David; Hernández Hernández, María; Ribas Palom, Anna
Open access2017_March_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg11-Apr-2017Household Smart Water Metering in Spain: Insights from the Experience of Remote Meter Reading in AlicanteMarch, Hug; Morote Seguido, Álvaro Francisco; Rico, Antonio; Sauri, David
Open access2018_Yoon_etal_Sustainability.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2018Shifting Scarcities? The Energy Intensity of Water Supply Alternatives in the Mass Tourist Resort of Benidorm, SpainYoon, Hyerim; Sauri, David; Rico, Antonio