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Restricted access2014_Arrieta_etal_JPE_final.pdf.jpgDec-2014Combined Effect of Poly(hydroxybutyrate) and Plasticizers on Polylactic acid Properties for Film Intended for Food PackagingArrieta, Marina Patricia; Samper, María D.; López, Juan; Jiménez, Alfonso
Open access2014_Arrieta_etal_PDS_final.pdf.jpgOct-2014Disintegrability under composting conditions of plasticized PLA–PHB blendsArrieta, Marina Patricia; López, Juan; Rayón, Emilio; Jiménez, Alfonso
Restricted access2014_Peltzer_etal_PolymInt_final.pdf.jpgJun-2014Surface modification of cellulose nanocrystals by grafting with poly(lactic acid)Peltzer, Mercedes Ana; Pei, Aihua; Zhou, Qi; Berglund, Lars; Jiménez, Alfonso
Open access2014_Pankaj_etal_IFSET_final.pdf.jpgJan-2014Characterization of polylactic acid films for food packaging as affected by dielectric barrier discharge atmospheric plasmaPankaj, Shashi Kishor; Bueno Ferrer, Carmen; Misra, N.N.; O'Neill, Luke; Jiménez, Alfonso; Bourke, Paula; Cullen, P.J.
Open access2014_Fortunati_etal_CarbohydratePolymers_final.pdf.jpg30-Jan-2014Nano-biocomposite films with modified cellulose nanocrystals and synthesized silver nanoparticlesFortunati, Elena; Rinaldi, Silvia; Peltzer, Mercedes Ana; Bloise, Nora; Visai, Livia; Armentano, Ilaria; Jiménez, Alfonso; Latterini, Loredana; Kenny, José María
Open access2014_Pankaj_etal_JRM.pdf.jpgMar-2014Surface, Thermal and Antimicrobial Release Properties of Plasma-Treated Zein FilmsPankaj, Shashi Kishor; Bueno Ferrer, Carmen; Misra, N.N.; O'Neill, Luke; Jiménez, Alfonso; Bourke, Paula; Cullen, P.J.
Restricted access2014_Terenzi_etal_JRM_final.pdf.jpgMar-2014Processing and Characterization of Nano-biocomposites Based on Mater-Bi® with Layered SilicatesTerenzi, A.; Iannoni, A.; Torre, L.; Jiménez, Alfonso; Kenny, José María
Open access2014_Beltran_etal_JAFC.pdf.jpg19-Feb-2014Characterization of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Based Nanocomposites Containing Hydroxytyrosol for Active Food PackagingBeltrán Sanahuja, Ana; Monteiro Valente, Artur José; Jiménez, Alfonso; Garrigós, María del Carmen
Open access2014_Valdes_etal_FChem.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2014Natural additives and agricultural wastes in biopolymer formulations for food packagingValdés, Arantzazu; Mellinas-Ciller, Ana-Cristina; Ramos, Marina; Garrigós, María del Carmen; Jiménez, Alfonso
Open access2014_Ramos_etal_PDST.pdf.jpg18-Feb-2014Influence of thymol and silver nanoparticles on the degradation of poly(lactic acid) based nanocomposites: thermal and morphological propertiesRamos, Marina; Fortunati, Elena; Peltzer, Mercedes Ana; Dominici, Franco; Jiménez, Alfonso; Garrigós, María del Carmen; Kenny, José María