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Restricted access2013_Caballero_etal_PM_final.pdf.jpgNov-2013Acceptability of pandemic A(H1N1) influenza vaccination by Essential Community Workers in 2010 Alicante (Spain), perceived seriousness and sources of informationCaballero, Pablo; Tuells, José; Duro Torrijos, José Luis; Nolasco, Andreu
Open access2016_Caballero_etal_BMC_Pregnancy_and_Childbirth.pdf.jpg16-Apr-2016Validation of the Spanish version of mackey childbirth satisfaction rating scaleCaballero, Pablo; Delgado García, Beatriz Elena; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Moncho, Joaquin; Pereyra-Zamora, Pamela; Nolasco, Andreu
Open access2016_Caballero-Romeu_etal_JEndourology.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2016Assessment of the Effectiveness, Safety, and Reproducibility of Micro-Ureteroscopy in the Treatment of Distal Ureteral Stones in Women: A Multicenter Prospective StudyCaballero-Romeu, Juan-Pablo; Galán-Llopis, Juan-Antonio; Pérez-Fentes, Daniel; Budia-Alba, Alberto; Cepeda-Delgado, Marcos; Palmero-Marti, Jose-Luis; Cansino-Alcaide, Jose-Ramón; Caballero, Pablo; Ibarluzea-Gonzalez, Gaspar
Restricted access2018_Caballero-Romeu_etal_WorldJUrology_final.pdf.jpgMay-2018Micro-ureteroscopy vs. ureteroscopy: effects of miniaturization on renal vascularization and intrapelvic pressureCaballero-Romeu, Juan-Pablo; Galán-Llopis, Juan-Antonio; Soria, Federico; Morcillo-Martín, Esther; Caballero, Pablo; Garcia, Alejandro; De La Cruz-Conty, Julia E.; Romero-Maroto, Jesús
Open access2017_Altavilla_etal_IJAEP.pdf.jpg23-Dec-2017Hydration and nutrition knowledge in adolescent swimmers. Does water intake affect urine hydration markers after swimming?Altavilla, Cesare; Prats Moya, Soledad; Caballero, Pablo
Open access2017_Delgado-Garcia_etal_BMC-Cancer.pdf.jpg8-May-2017Presence of human papillomavirus DNA in breast cancer: a Spanish case-control studyDelgado-García, Silvia; Martínez-Escoriza, Juan-Carlos; Alba, Alfonso; Martín-Bayón, Tina-Aurora; Ballester-Galiana, Hortensia; Peiró, Gloria; Caballero, Pablo; Ponce-Lorenzo, Jose
Open access2018_Caballero-Romeu_etal_SciRep.pdf.jpg11-Jan-2018Outcomes of ureteroscopy miniaturization on tissue damage and tissue hypoxia in a pig modelCaballero-Romeu, Juan-Pablo; Galán-Llopis, Juan-Antonio; Soria, Federico; Morcillo-Martín, Esther; Caballero, Pablo; De La Cruz-Conty, Julia E.; Romero-Maroto, Jesús
Open access2018_Altavilla_etal_JHumanKinetics.pdf.jpg31-Dec-2018Effect of Different Feedback Modalities on Swimming Pace: Which Feedback Modality is Most Effective?Altavilla, Cesare; Cejuela Anta, Roberto; Caballero, Pablo
Open access2018_Nolasco_etal_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg19-Oct-2018Economic Crisis and Amenable Mortality in SpainNolasco, Andreu; Pereyra-Zamora, Pamela; Sanchis-Matea, Elvira; Tamayo Fonseca, Nayara; Caballero, Pablo; Melchor-Alós, Inmaculada; Moncho, Joaquin
Restricted access2019_Altavilla_etal_MedSport_uncorrected.pdf.jpgMar-2019Fluid balance in young swimmers: could the different color of drinking bottles change water intake during swimming practice?Altavilla, Cesare; Rossetti, Gianluca; Caballero, Pablo