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Open access2014_Gonzalez-Chorda_etal_MUSE.pdf.jpg2014An electronic record system in nursing education: evaluation and utilizationGonzález Chordá, Víctor Manuel; Mena Tudela, Desirée; Salas Medina, Pablo; Cervera Gasch, Águeda; Lapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Folch Ayora, Ana; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2014_Salas_etal_RevSaudePublica.pdf.jpgMay-2014Integrating Evidence-Based Practice in the Training Programme Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, University Jaume ISalas Medina, Pablo; Mena Tudela, Desirée; Cervera Gasch, Águeda; González Chordá, Víctor Manuel; Folch Ayora, Ana; Lapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2015_Gonzalez_Macia_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of the quality of the teaching-learning process in undergraduate courses in NursingGonzález Chordá, Víctor Manuel; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2015_Lopez_Macia_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg2015Doctorate nursing degree in SpainLópez-Montesinos, María José; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2014_Lapena_etal_RevEscEnfermUSP_eng.pdf.jpgDec-2014Supplemental nursing staff´s experiences at a Spanish hospital: Qualitative phenomenology researchLapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Cibanal Juan, Luis; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Palacios Ceña, Domingo
Open access2014_Monux_etal_RevSaudePublica.pdf.jpgMay-2014The nurses´ experience on nursing students and their clinical learning process in hospitalLapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Cibanal Juan, Luis; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Martínez Martínez, Ariadna; Palacios Ceña, Domingo
Open access2016_Isla_etal_PatientPreference&Adherence.pdf.jpg27-May-2016Obesity, knee osteoarthritis, and polypathology: factors favoring weight loss in older peopleIsla Pera, Pilar; Olivé Ferrer, María Carmen; Nuñez Juarez, Montserrat; Nuñez Juarez, Esther; Maciá Soler, Loreto; López Matheu, Carmen; Rigol Cuadra, Assumpta; Honrubia Pérez, María; Marre, Diana
Open access2017_Hellin_etal_RevBrasEnferm_eng.pdf.jpg2017Assessing the adequacy of workload measurement tools using a quality-based methodologyHellín Gil, María Fuensanta; López Montesinos, María José; Seva Llor, Ana Myriam; Ferrer Bas, María Pilar; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2018_Mena-Tudela_etal_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg9-Aug-2018Effectiveness of an Evidence-Based Practice educational intervention with second-year nursing studentsMena Tudela, Desirée; González Chordá, Víctor Manuel; Cervera Gasch, Águeda; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel
Open access2017_de-la-Cuesta_etal_JAN_final.pdf.jpgJul-2017Falls prevention among older people and care providers: protocol for an integrative reviewCuesta-Benjumea, Carmen de la; Henriques, Maria Adriana; Abad Corpa, Eva; Roe, Brenda; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Lidón-Cerezuela, Beatriz; Avendaño-Céspedes, Almudena; Oliver-Carbonell, José Luis; Sánchez Ardila, Carmen