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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2014_Bueno-Lopez_ACBE.pdf.jpgMar-2014Diesel soot combustion ceria catalystsBueno López, Agustín
Restricted access2013_Rico_etal_CatCom_final.pdf.jpg5-Mar-2013Preparation of ceria-supported rhodium oxide sub-nanoparticles with improved catalytic activity for CO oxidationRico Pérez, Verónica; Velasco Beltrán, M. Ángeles; He, Qinggang; Wang, Qi; Salinas Martínez de Lecea, Concepción; Bueno López, Agustín
Open access2014_Rico_Bueno_ApplSci.pdf.jpg22-Sep-2014Effect of RhOx/CeO2 Calcination on Metal-Support Interaction and Catalytic Activity for N2O DecompositionRico Pérez, Verónica; Bueno López, Agustín
Open access2014_Lopez-Suarez_etal_JPS.pdf.jpg16-Jun-2014Pt–Sn/C catalysts prepared by sodium borohydride reduction for alcohol oxidation in fuel cells: Effect of the precursor addition orderLópez Suárez, Franz Edwin; Bueno López, Agustín; Eguiluz, Katlin Ivon Barrios; Salazar Banda, Giancarlo Richard
Open accessPCCP_1433_2008.pdf.jpg10-Jan-2008Solid-phase synthesis of graphitic carbon nanostructures from iron and cobalt gluconates and their utilization as electrocatalyst supportsSevilla Solís, Marta; Salinas Martínez de Lecea, Concepción; Valdés-Solís Iglesias, Teresa; Morallon, Emilia; Fuertes Arias, Antonio Benito
Open access2012_Hernandez_etal_COC.pdf.jpgNov-2012Hydrogen Peroxide in Biocatalysis. A Dangerous LiaisonHernández, Karel; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Rodrigues, Rafael C.; Fernández Lafuente, Roberto
Open access2013_Barbosa_etal_Biomac_final.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2013Heterofunctional Supports in Enzyme Immobilization: From Traditional Immobilization Protocols to Opportunities in Tuning Enzyme PropertiesBarbosa, Oveimar; Torres, Rodrigo; Ortiz, Claudia; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Rodrigues, Rafael C.; Fernández Lafuente, Roberto
Open access2014_Barbosa_etal_RSC-Advances.pdf.jpg2014Glutaraldehyde in bio-catalysts design: a useful crosslinker and a versatile tool in enzyme immobilizationBarbosa, Oveimar; Ortiz, Claudia; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Torres, Rodrigo; Rodrigues, Rafael C.; Fernández Lafuente, Roberto
Restricted access2013_Berenguer_Geng_JNN.pdf.jpgAug-2013Growth of Carbon Nanotubes on Surfaces: The Effects of Catalyst and SubstrateBerenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Geng, Junfeng
Open access2014_Alcaniz_etal_JMCA-Chem_final.pdf.jpg15-Nov-2014Influence of peroxometallic intermediaries present on polyoxometalates nanoparticles surface on the adipic acid synthesisAlcañiz-Monge, Juan; Trautwein, Guido; Garcia-Garcia, Avelina