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Open access2015_Nishihara_etal_BoletinGEC.pdf.jpgSep-2015Study on Electrochemical Capacitance using Templated CarbonsNishihara, Hirotomo; Itoi, Hiroyuki; Nueangnoraj, Khanin; Berenguer Betrián, Raúl; Berenguer-Murcia, Ángel; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; Morallon, Emilia; Kyotani, Takashi
Open access2015_Gonzalez-Gaitan_etal_IJHE_final.pdf.jpg14-Sep-2015Functionalization of carbon nanotubes using aminobenzene acids and electrochemical methods. Electroactivity for the oxygen reduction reactionGonzález-Gaitán, Carolina; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Morallon, Emilia; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Restricted accessMay-2014Electrochemical Performance of Hierarchical Porous Carbon Materials Obtained from the Infiltration of Lignin into Zeolite TemplatesRuiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Valero-Romero, María José; Salinas Torres, David; Rodríguez-Mirasol, José; Cordero, Tomás; Morallon, Emilia; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Open access2013_Tabti_etal_Electrochemistry.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2013Electrooxidation methods to produce pseudocapacitance-containing porous carbonsTabti, Zakaria; Berenguer Betrián, Raúl; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Quijada Tomás, César; Morallon, Emilia; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego
Open access2014_Beralus_etal_Frontiers-in-Materials.pdf.jpg24-Nov-2014Electroadsorption of arsenic from natural water in granular activated carbonBeralus, Jean-Mackson; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; Morallon, Emilia
Restricted access2016_Bouzerafa_etal_ResChemIntermed_final.pdf.jpgMay-2016Novel nickel(II) and manganese(III) complexes with bidentate Schiff-base ligand: synthesis, spectral, thermogravimetry, electrochemical and electrocatalytical propertiesBouzerafa, Brahim; Ourari, Ali; Aggoun, Djouhra; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Ouennoughi, Yasmina; Morallon, Emilia
Open access2015_Nueangnoraj_etal_ESM_final.pdf.jpgNov-2015Pseudocapacitance of zeolite-templated carbon in organic electrolytesNueangnoraj, Khanin; Nishihara, Hirotomo; Ishii, Takafumi; Yamamoto, Norihisa; Itoi, Hiroyuki; Berenguer Betrián, Raúl; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; Morallon, Emilia; Ito, Masashi; Kyotani, Takashi
Open access2015_Garcia-Mateos_etal_CEJ_preprint.pdf.jpg1-Nov-2015Removal of paracetamol on biomass-derived activated carbon: Modeling the fixed bed breakthrough curves using batch adsorption experimentsGarcía-Mateos, Francisco J.; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Marqués, María D.; Cotoruelo, Luis M.; Rodríguez-Mirasol, José; Cordero, Tomás
Open access2016_Lopez-Bernabeu_Chemosphere_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2016Enhanced removal of 8-quinolinecarboxylic acid in an activated carbon cloth by electroadsorption in aqueous solutionLópez-Bernabeu, Sara; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Quijada Tomás, César; Montilla, Francisco; Morallon, Emilia
Open access2015_Berenguer_etal_Carbon_final.pdf.jpgDec-2015Enhanced electro-oxidation resistance of carbon electrodes induced by phosphorus surface groupsBerenguer Betrián, Raúl; Ruiz-Rosas, Ramiro; Gallardo, Aurora; Cazorla-Amorós, Diego; Morallon, Emilia; Nishihara, Hirotomo; Kyotani, Takashi; Rodríguez-Mirasol, José; Cordero, Tomás