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Open accessaledIJCNN_v20130426_Horacio.pdf.jpgAug-2013Improving drug discovery using a neural networks based parallel scoring functionPérez Sánchez, Horacio; Guerrero, Ginés D.; García, José M.; Peña, Jorge; Cecilia Canales, José María; Cano, Gaspar; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose
Open access2013_Garcia_etal_LNCS_final.pdf.jpg2013Improving 3D Keypoint Detection from Noisy Data Using Growing Neural GasGarcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Cazorla, Miguel; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Morell, Vicente
Restricted accessjdpc.pdf.jpgOct-2012GPGPU implementation of growing neural gas: application to 3D scene reconstructionOrts-Escolano, Sergio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Viejo Hernando, Diego; Cazorla, Miguel; Morell, Vicente
Open access2014_Morell_etal_PRL.pdf.jpg12-Jun-2014Geometric 3D point cloud compressionMorell, Vicente; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Cazorla, Miguel; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose
Open access2015_Orts_etal_ApplSoftComp_final.pdf.jpgJul-20153D model reconstruction using neural gas accelerated on GPUOrts-Escolano, Sergio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Serra Pérez, José Antonio; Jimeno-Morenilla, Antonio; Garcia-Garcia, Alberto; Morell, Vicente; Cazorla, Miguel
Open access2014_Angelopoulou_etal_Neurocomputing.pdf.jpg20-Feb-20153D reconstruction of medical images from slices automatically landmarked with growing neural modelsAngelopoulou, Anastassia; Psarrou, Alexandra; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Azorin-Lopez, Jorge; Revett, Kenneth
Open access2014_Morell_etal_Mathematical-Problems-in-Engineering.pdf.jpg27-Aug-20143D Maps Representation Using GNGMorell, Vicente; Cazorla, Miguel; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose
Open access2013_Serra_etal_LNCS_final.pdf.jpg20133D Hand Pose Estimation with Neural NetworksSerra Pérez, José Antonio; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; García-Chamizo, Juan Manuel; Angelopoulou, Anastassia; Psarrou, Alexandra; Mentzelopoulos, Markos; Montoyo-Bojo, Javier; Domínguez, Enrique
Open access2014_Garcia-Rodriguez_etal_JReal-TimeImageProc.pdf.jpgApr-2014Real time motion estimation using a neural architecture implemented on GPUsGarcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Orts-Escolano, Sergio; Angelopoulou, Anastassia; Psarrou, Alexandra; Azorin-Lopez, Jorge; García-Chamizo, Juan Manuel
Restricted access2013_Orts_etal_JReal-TimeImageProc.pdf.jpgDec-2013Real-time 3D semi-local surface patch extraction using GPGPUOrts-Escolano, Sergio; Morell, Vicente; Garcia-Rodriguez, Jose; Cazorla, Miguel; Fisher, Robert B.