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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2016_Andina_Siles_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2016The domestic participation in birth assistance in the mid-twentieth centuryAndina Díaz, Elena; Siles González, José
Open access2012_Hueso_etal_RevLatinoAmEnfermagem-eng.pdf.jpg2012Understanding the suffering of a patient with an illness: signs, context and strategiesHueso Montoro, César; Siles González, José; Amezcua Martínez, Manuel; Bonill de las Nieves, Candela; Pastor Montero, Sonia; Celdrán Mañas, Miriam
Open access2014_Martinez-Sabater_etal_AJNR.pdf.jpg2014Review of the Characteristics of Mothers Donor Milk BanksMartínez Sabater, Antonio; Siles González, José; Escrivá Aparisi, M.V.; Ballestar-Tarín, María Luisa
Open access2017_Almagro_etal_JClinicalNursing_final.pdf.jpgApr-2017Using mixed-methods research to study the quality of life of coeliac womenRodríguez-Almagro, Julián; Hernández-Martínez, Antonio; Solano-Ruiz, MCarmen; Siles González, José
Open access2017_Ceolin_etal_TextoContextoEnferm_eng.pdf.jpg17-Nov-2017Theoretical bases of critical thinking in Ibero-American nursing: integrative literature reviewCeolin, Silvana; Siles González, José; Solano-Ruiz, MCarmen; Heck, Rita Maria
Open access2018_Andina_etal_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg24-Apr-2018Social Network Analysis Applied to a Historical Ethnographic Study Surrounding Home BirthAndina Díaz, Elena; Ovalle-Perandones, María-Antonia; Ramos-Vidal, Ignacio; Camacho Morell, Francisca; Siles González, José; Marques-Sanchez, Pilar
Open accessnursing_care_in_war.pdf.jpg2016Nursing care in postwar MadridChamorro Rebollo, Elena; Siles González, José; Díaz Pérez, Cristina; Álvarez López, Óscar
Open access2016_Rodriguez-Almagro_etal_RevEspEnfermDig.pdf.jpg2016Health-related quality of life and determinant factors in celiac disease. A population-based analysis of adult patients in SpainRodríguez-Almagro, Julián; Hernández-Martínez, Antonio; Lucendo, Alfredo J.; Casellas, Francesc; Solano-Ruiz, MCarmen; Siles González, José
Open access2016_Siles_etal_Scientifica.pdf.jpg2016International Appraisal of Nursing Culture and Curricula: A Qualitative Study of Erasmus StudentsSiles González, José; Solano-Ruiz, MCarmen; Gabán Gutiérrez, Ángela
Open access2015_Martinez-Molla_etal_InvestEducEnferm.pdf.jpg2015The father's decision making in home birthMartínez-Mollá, Teresa; Solano-Ruiz, MCarmen; Siles González, José; Sánchez-Peralvo, Marta; Méndez-Pérez, Gemma