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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Restricted accesscaepia.pdf.jpg20063D robot mapping: combining active and non active sensors in a probabilistic frameworkAznar Gregori, Fidel; Sempere Tortosa, Mireia Luisa; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón; Molina-Carmona, Rafael
Restricted accessLNCaepia05.pdf.jpgNov-2006Real time image segmentation using an adaptive thresholding approachArques Corrales, Pilar; Aznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón
Open accesskelsi2004FINAL.pdf.jpg2004A new artificial life formalization model: a worm with a Bayesian brainAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón; Suau Pérez, Pablo
Open access2014_Aznar_etal_IJCM_final.pdf.jpg2014A macroscopic model for high intensity radiofrequency signal detection in swarm robotics systemsAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol López, María José; Sempere Tortosa, Mireia Luisa; Rizo, Ramón
Open access2014_Aznar_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg21-Nov-2014Learning Probabilistic Features for Robotic Navigation Using Laser SensorsAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Francisco A.; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón; Pujol López, María José
Open access2018_Aznar_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2018Modelling multi-rotor UAVs swarm deployment using virtual pheromonesAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón; Rizo Maestre, Carlos
Open access2013_Pujol_etal_Emden-equation.pdf.jpg2013Numerical resolution of Emden's equation using Adomian polynomialsPujol López, María José; Pujol, Francisco A.; Aznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón
Open access2017_Aznar_etal_OceanEngineering_final.pdf.jpg1-Apr-2017A swarm behaviour for jellyfish bloom detectionAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón
Open access2018_Aznar_etal_Symmetry.pdf.jpg13-Nov-2018Energy-Efficient Swarm Behavior for Indoor UAV Ad-Hoc Network DeploymentAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón; Pujol, Francisco A.; Rizo Maestre, Carlos
Embargoed2019_Aznar_etal_Neurocomputing_final.pdf.jpg14-Jun-2019Obtaining fault tolerance avoidance behavior using deep reinforcement learningAznar Gregori, Fidel; Pujol, Mar; Rizo, Ramón