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AccessPreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Open access2015_Barbera_etal_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg2015Academic training of nursing professionals and its relevance to the workplaceBarbera Ortega, Maria del Carmen; Cecagno, Diana; Seva Llor, Ana Myriam; Siqueira, Hedi Crecencia Heckler de; López-Montesinos, María José; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2015_Gonzalez_Macia_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg2015Evaluation of the quality of the teaching-learning process in undergraduate courses in NursingGonzález Chordá, Víctor Manuel; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2014_Gonzalez_etal_eng.pdf.jpg2014Immigration experience of Latin American working women in Alicante, Spain: an ethnographic studyGonzález Juárez, Liliana; Noreña-Peña, Ana; Cibanal Juan, Luis
Open access2016_Andina_Siles_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2016The domestic participation in birth assistance in the mid-twentieth centuryAndina Díaz, Elena; Siles González, José
Open access2016_Lapena_etal_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg25-Jul-2016Nurses’ experiences working with nursing students in a hospital: a phenomenological enquiryLapeña Moñux, Yolanda; Cibanal Juan, Luis; Orts-Cortés, María Isabel; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Palacios Ceña, Domingo
Open access2015_Lopez_Macia_RLAE_eng.pdf.jpg2015Doctorate nursing degree in SpainLópez-Montesinos, María José; Maciá Soler, Loreto
Open access2015_Torres_etal_ActaPaulEnferm_eng.pdf.jpg2015Patient safety in the operating room and documentary quality related to infection and hospitalizationTorres Manrique, Blanca; Maciá Soler, Loreto; Nolasco, Andreu; López-Montesinos, María José; Pina Roche, Florentina
Open access2012_Laguna_etal_RevLatino-AmEnfermagem-eng.pdf.jpg2012Clinical pathway intervention compliance and effectiveness when used in the treatment of patients with severe sepsis and septic shock at an Intensive Care Unit in SpainLaguna Pérez, Ana; Chilet Rosell, Elisa; Delgado Lacosta, Miguel; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos; Uris Sellés, Joaquín; Muñoz Mendoza, Carmen Luz
Open access2012_Hueso_etal_RevLatinoAmEnfermagem-eng.pdf.jpg2012Understanding the suffering of a patient with an illness: signs, context and strategiesHueso Montoro, César; Siles González, José; Amezcua Martínez, Manuel; Bonill de las Nieves, Candela; Pastor Montero, Sonia; Celdrán Mañas, Miriam
Open access2017_Cremades_etal_RevLatinoAmEnfermagem_eng.pdf.jpg18-May-2017A new contribution to the classification of stressors affecting nursing professionalsCremades Puerto, Jesús; Maciá Soler, Loreto; López Montesinos, María José; Pedraz Marcos, Azucena; González Chordá, Víctor Manuel