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Restricted access2018_Gholinejad_etal_ApplOrganometalChem_final.pdf.jpgSep-2018Iron oxide modified with pyridyl‐triazole ligand for stabilization of gold nanoparticles: An efficient heterogeneous catalyst for A3 coupling reaction in waterGholinejad, Mohammad; Zareh, Fatemeh; Nájera, Carmen
Open access2017_Ortega-Martinez_etal_Synthesis_final.pdf.jpg22-Aug-2017Synthesis of 3,3-Disubstituted 2-Oxindoles by Deacylative Alkylation of 3-Acetyl-2-oxindolesOrtega-Martínez, Aitor; Molina, Cynthia; Moreno-Cabrerizo, Cristina; Sansano, Jose M.; Nájera, Carmen
Open access2016_Behloul_etal_Tetrahedron_final.pdf.jpg8-Dec-2016Indium-mediated cleavage of the trityl group from protected alcohols and diolsBehloul, Cherif; Chouti, Aicha; Guijarro, David; Foubelo, Francisco; Nájera, Carmen; Yus, Miguel
Open access2016_Cayuelas_etal_Tetrahedron_final.pdf.jpg6-Oct-2016Taniaphos·AgF-catalyzed enantioselective 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of stabilized azomethine ylides derived from 2,2-dimethoxyacetaldehydeCayuelas Rubio, Alberto; Larrañaga Agirre, Olatz; Nájera, Carmen; Sansano, Jose M.; Cózar Ruano, Abel de; Cossío Mora, Fernando Pedro
Open access2016_Gholinejad_etal_TetLet_final.pdf.jpg17-Aug-2016Tandem oxidation–Wittig reaction using nanocrystalline barium manganate (BaMnO4); an improved one-pot protocolGholinejad, Mohammad; Firouzabadi, Habib; Bahrami, Maedeh; Nájera, Carmen
Open access2016_Gholinejad_etal_ApplCatA_final.pdf.jpg5-Sep-2016Palladium supported on bis(indolyl)methane functionalized magnetite nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for copper-free Sonogashira-Hagihara reactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Neshat, Abdollah; Zareh, Fatemeh; Nájera, Carmen; Razeghi, Mehran; Khoshnood, Abbas
Open access2017_Selva_etal_JOC_final.pdf.jpg23-May-2017Diastereoselective [3 + 2] vs [4 + 2] Cycloadditions of Nitroprolinates with α,β-Unsaturated Aldehydes and Electrophilic Alkenes: An Example of Total PeriselectivitySelva, Verónica; Larrañaga Agirre, Olatz; Castelló Moncayo, Luis Miguel; Nájera, Carmen; Sansano, Jose M.; Cózar Ruano, Abel de
Open access2018_Beletskaya_etal_ChemRev_preprint.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2018Stereodivergent CatalysisBeletskaya, Irina P.; Nájera, Carmen; Yus, Miguel
Open access2018_Moreno-Cabrerizo_etal_AnAcadBrasCienc.pdf.jpg2018Deacylative alkylation (DaA) of N-methyl-3-acetyl-2-oxindole for the synthesis of symmetrically 3,3-disubstituted 2-oxindoles. An access gate to anticancer agents and natural productsMoreno-Cabrerizo, Cristina; Ortega-Martínez, Aitor; Molina, Cynthia; Nájera, Carmen; Sansano, Jose M.
Open access2015_Najera_etal_OrgBiomolChem_final.pdf.jpg24-Jun-20151,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of azomethine iminesNájera, Carmen; Sansano, Jose M.; Yus, Miguel