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Restricted access2017_Martinez-Rodriguez_etal_NutritionToday_final.pdf.jpg2017Nutrition and Boxing Performance: Systematic ReviewMartinez-Rodriguez, Alejandro; Cumbicus-Jiménez, Yovanny; Cuestas-Calero, Bernardo J.; Leyva-Vela, Belén
Open access2018_Rodriguez-Sanchez_etal_HealthEduRes_final.pdf.jpg1-Oct-2018Understanding adolescent binge drinking in Spain: how school information campaigns moderate the role of perceived parental and peer consumptionRodríguez-Sánchez, Carla; Sancho-Esper, Franco; Casaló, Luis V.
Open access2019_Garnier_etal_FrontChem.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2019Surface Structure Characterization of Shape and Size Controlled Pd Nanoparticles by Cu UPD: A Quantitative ApproachGarnier, Emmanuel; Vidal-Iglesias, Francisco J.; Feliu, Juan M.; Solla-Gullón, José
Restricted access2019_Duro_Tuells_Vaccine_final.pdf.jpg26-Jul-2019The beginnings of smallpox vaccination in Spain seen through the correspondence of Ignacio María Ruiz de Luzuriaga (1801–1802)Duro Torrijos, José Luis; Tuells, José
Restricted access2019_Marset_etal_GreenChem_final.pdf.jpg3-Jul-2019Multicomponent synthesis of sulfonamides from triarylbismuthines, nitro compounds and sodium metabisulfite in deep eutectic solventsMarset, Xavier; Torregrosa-Crespo, Javier; Martínez-Espinosa, Rosa María; Guillena, Gabriela; Ramón, Diego J.
Open access2018_Mores_etal_ChemEngJ_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2018Optimization of the design, operating conditions, and coupling configuration of combined cycle power plants and CO2 capture processes by minimizing the mitigation costMores, Patricia Liliana; Manassaldi, Juan I.; Scenna, Nicolás José; Caballero, José A.; Mussati, Miguel Ceferino; Mussati, Sergio Fabián
Open access2018_Baeza-Carratala_etal_Geobios_final.pdf.jpgOct-2018First evidence of brachiopod diversification after the end-Triassic extinction from the pre-Pliensbachian Internal Subbetic platform (South-Iberian Paleomargin)Baeza Carratalá, José Francisco; Dulai, Alfréd; Sandoval, José
Open access2017_Isoaho_etal_ElectrActa_final.pdf.jpg10-Oct-2017Amorphous carbon thin film electrodes with intrinsic Pt-gradient for hydrogen peroxide detectionIsoaho, Noora; Wester, Niklas; Peltola, Emilia; Johansson, Leena-Sisko; Boronat-González, Ana; Koskinen, Jari; Feliu, Juan M.; Climent, Victor; Laurila, Tomi
Open access2018_Cantos_etal_EnvironMicrobioRep_final.pdf.jpg20-Aug-2018The nitrogen regulator PipX acts in cis to prevent operon polarityCantos, Raquel; Labella, Jose I.; Espinosa Manzano, Javier; Contreras, Asunción
Open access2018_Cano-Casanova_etal_ApplCatB_final.pdf.jpgJan-2018One step hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 with variable HCl concentration: Detailed characterization and photocatalytic activity in propene oxidationCano-Casanova, Laura; Amorós-Pérez, Ana; Ouzzine, Mohammed; Lillo-Rodenas, Maria Angeles; Román-Martínez, M. Carmen