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Open accessPerez-Turpin_etal_2024_PhysActivityExerciseCancer.pdf.jpg1-de gener-2024Protocol of the oncological physical exercise unit of the province of AlicantePérez Turpin, José Antonio; Elvira-Aranda, Carlos; Gomis-Gomis, María José, et al
Open accessJHSE_19-1_06.pdf.jpg2024Trends of the fast game in men’s EHF European handball championshipsHatzimanouil, Dimitris; Lola, Afroditi; Giatsis, George, et al
Open accessBarril-Llorens_etal_2024_SustainabSportsSciJ.pdf.jpg27-de novembre-2023Impact of socioeconomic level on the physical condition of schools: A motor gapBarril Llorens, Paula; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Amatria, Mario, et al
Open accessGomis-Gomis_etal_2023_SustainabilitySportsSciJ.pdf.jpg16-de maig-2023Sustainability and sports science: A new way for a better futureGomis-Gomis, María José; Pena-Pérez, Xesús; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio
Open accessTerol-Sanchis_etal_2023_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg25-de febrer-2023AirBadminton for Physical Activity and Well-Being in Spanish Students: Post-COVID-19Terol-Sanchis, Mario; Gomis-Gomis, María José; Elvira-Aranda, Carlos, et al
Open accessJHSE_18-1_12.pdf.jpg2023The influence of analogies on the development of selective attention in novices in normal or stressful conditionsLola, Afroditi; Giatsis, George; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio, et al
Open accessJHSE_18-1_20.pdf.jpg2023Effects of the hydrolyzed collagen supplement Colnatur Sport® on endurance training and performance of runnersElvira-Aranda, Carlos; De Castellar-Sansó, Roser; Gomis-Gomis, María José, et al
Open accessJHSE_18-3_10.pdf.jpg2023Beach volleyball set and technical performance indicators for elite women’s teamsGiatsis, George; Lola, Afroditi; Drikos, Sotirios, et al
Open accessWyche_etal_2022_SJSP.pdf.jpg1-d’abril-2022Hybrid HIIT/isometrics strength training programs: a paradigm shift for physical exerciseWyche, Luis; Rojo-Gil, Guillermo; Marín-Peiró, María, et al
Open accessTerol-Sanchis_etal_2022_SJSP.pdf.jpg1-d’abril-2022Study of VO2max and body composition in trained soldiers of the army special operations unitTerol-Sanchis, Mario; Elvira-Aranda, Carlos; Gomis-Gomis, María José, et al
Open accessGomis-Gomis_etal_2022_SJSP.pdf.jpg1-de març-2022Scientific Journal of Sport and Performance: A new trend of physical exercise and sports performance in 2022Gomis-Gomis, María José; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Pena-Pérez, Xesús
Open accessGomis-Gomis_etal_2022_JSportHealthRes.pdf.jpg2-de gener-2022Effects of physical activity program based on technological progress: exer-games as health promotersGomis-Gomis, María José; Chacón-Borrego, Fátima; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio
Open accessPlan-Estrategico-Voleibol-2022.pdf.jpg2022Plan Estratégico 2022-2025 Federación de Voleibol de la Comunitat ValencianaCerdán Plá, Remedios; Monllor Fuster, Francisco; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio, et al
Open accessTerol-Sanchis_etal_2021_JHumanKinetics.pdf.jpg2021The Relationship Between Speed and Strength in the Beach Volleyball ServeTerol-Sanchis, Mario; Elvira-Aranda, Carlos; Gomis-Gomis, María José, et al
Restricted accessForner-Llacer_etal_2020_IntJSportsMed_final.pdf.jpg22-de juliol-2020Minimal Stabilization Time for Ultra-short Heart Rate Variability Measurements in Professional SoccerForner-Llacer, Francisco; Aranda-Malaves, Rodrigo; Aranda, Rafael, et al
Open accessAmatria_etal_2020_RevIntMedCiencActFisDeporte_eng.pdf.jpgde juny-2020Offensive effectiveness in female elite handball in numerical superiority situationsAmatria, Mario; Lapresa, Daniel; Martín Santos, Carlos, et al
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc4_03.pdf.jpg2020Analysis of time characteristics, jump patters and technical-tactical skills of beach volley men’s final in Rio Olympics 2016Giatsis, George; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Hatzimanouil, Dimitris
Open accessJHSE_2020_15-2_21.pdf.jpg2020Physical activity and sport: post-COVID19Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Gomis-Gomis, María José
Open access2020_Perez-Turpin_etal_JHumanKinetics.pdf.jpg2020Notational Comparison Analysis of Outdoor Badminton Men’s Single and Double MatchesPérez Turpin, José Antonio; Elvira-Aranda, Carlos; Cabello-Manrique, David, et al
Open access2020_Padial-Ruz_etal_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg21-de desembre-2019Effects of Physical Self-Concept, Emotional Isolation, and Family Functioning on Attitudes towards Physical Education in Adolescents: Structural Equation AnalysisPadial-Ruz, Rosario; Pérez Turpin, José Antonio; Cepero González, Mar, et al