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Acceso abierto2016_Martinez-Lirola_IJ21CE.pdf.jpgjun-2016The importance of promoting multimodal teaching in the foreign language classroom for the acquisition of social competences: practical examplesMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2016_Martinez-Lirola_Signos.pdf.jpg2016Multimodal analysis of a sample of political posters in Ireland during and after the Celtic TigerMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2016_Martinez-Lirola_Profile.pdf.jpgjul-2016How to Use Cooperative Learning for Assessing Students’ Emotional Competences: A Practical Example at the Tertiary LevelMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2016_Martinez-Lirola_Irwin_AsianTEFL.pdf.jpg2016Challenges in the Application of Genre Theory to Improve L2 Academic Writing: Effective Reports and AssessmentMartínez Lirola, María; Irwin, Derek S.
Acceso abierto2016_Martinez-Lirola_Ensayos.pdf.jpg2016Exploring the use of cooperative activities in a language subject to develop students’ social competences at the UniversityMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoPlingu2012Port.pdf.jpgene-2012Evaluation proposal based on the ECTS: evaluating the four skills in a University core subject with a portfolioMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2015_Martinez-Lirola_IJEPD.pdf.jpgjun-2015Introducing Global Issues in a Language Classroom: Getting to Know other Cultures through the Analysis of Multimodal Texts from NGOsMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoRAEI_19_14.pdf.jpgnov-2006A systemic functional analysis of two multimodal coversMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2014_Martinez_Ibanez_Fonseca.pdf.jpgjun-2014Multimodal approach to the image of impoverished: a visual analysis of covers in a sample from Intermón Oxfam magazinesMartínez Lirola, María; Ibáñez Castejón, Laura
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Fernando_Rubio_IJES.pdf.jpg2009Students’ beliefs about portfolio evaluation and its influence on their learning outcomes to develop EFL in a Spanish contextMartínez Lirola, María; Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.