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Open accessPoster Intrusion Expoquimia 2008.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2008Modelling seawater intrusion in a resin-filled column to study cationic exchange and gypsum precipitationBoluda Botella, Nuria; Gomis Yagües, Vicente; Pedraza Berenguer, Ricardo; Torres Prieto, Nieves
Open accessBOLUDA_Equilibrio_Expoquimia.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2008Recovery of ethanol from aqueous solutions by extraction with 1-decanolBoluda Botella, Nuria; Bailador Coscarón, Hortensio; Gomis Yagües, Vicente; Ruiz Beviá, Francisco
Open accessBoluda_LAS_ Expoquimia 2008.pdf.jpg22-Oct-2008Experimental study and modelling of the desorption of linear alkylbenzene sulphonates in sand and soilBoluda Botella, Nuria; Cases López, Vicente; Gomis Yagües, Vicente; León León, Victor Manuel; Soriano, R.
Open accessProblema 6.pdf.jpg17-Mar-2010Problema 6‐ Estudio del equilibrio calcita/carbonato/bicarbonato/CO2 en sistemas abiertosPont Castillo, Javier; Esteve Domingo, Natàlia; Boluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessTEMA2_Conceptos Basicos.pdf.jpg24-Mar-2010Tema 2. Conceptos básicos para la modelización hidrogeoquímica y aplicación del programa PhreeqcIBoluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessFINAL_Tiac4_procesos_reactivos.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2014Hydrogeochemical Processes Associated with Seawater Intrusion. Part 2 (cont.)Boluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessFINAL_Tiac2_Intercambio_ionico.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2014Hydrogeochemical Processes Associated with Seawater Intrusion. Part 1 (cont.)Boluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessFINAL_Tiac1_Conceptos_Basicos.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2014Hydrogeochemical Processes Associated with Seawater Intrusion. Part 1Boluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessFINAL_Tiac3_hidrodinamica.pdf.jpg26-Nov-2014Hydrogeochemical Processes Associated with Seawater Intrusion. Part 2Boluda Botella, Nuria
Open accessExtensionPonchonSavaritMethod_PhDJARL_RUA.pdf.jpg2001Resume of the extension of the Ponchon and Savarit method for designing ternary rectification columnsReyes-Labarta, Juan A.