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Open accessMonTI_2014_Special_Issue_11.pdf.jpg2014Stepping into others’ shoes: a cognitive perspective on target audience orientation in written translationApfelthaler, Matthias
Open accessMonTI_2014_Special_Issue_03.pdf.jpg2014First results of PACTE group’s experimental research on translation competence acquisition: the acquisition of declarative knowledge of translationPACTE Research Group
Open accessMonTI_06_03.pdf.jpg2014Reflexiones sobre el papel y diseño de los diccionarios de traducción especializadaTarp, Sven
Open accessMonTI_06_07.pdf.jpg2014Análisis de necesidades documentales y terminológicas de médicos y traductores médicos como base para el diseño de un diccionario multilingüe de nueva generaciónCorpas Pastor, Gloria; Roldán Juárez, Marina
Open accessMonTI_2014_Special_Issue_13.pdf.jpg2014Challenges of translation process research at the workplaceEhrensberger-Dow, Maureen
Open accessMonTI_06_10_trans.pdf.jpg2014Lexicography, translation and terminology: relationships derived from Della Geometria di Orontio Fineo tradotte da Cosimo Bartoli (Venetia, 1587)Sánchez Martín, Francisco Javier
Open accessMonTI_06_10.pdf.jpg2014Lexicografía, traducción y terminología: relaciones a partir de Della Geometria di Orontio Fineo tradotte da Cosimo Bartoli (Venetia, 1587)Sánchez Martín, Francisco Javier
Open accessMonTI_06_05_trans.pdf.jpg2014Trandix: proactive tool to terminological searches by translators and its assessmentDurán Muñoz, Isabel; Fernández Sola, Alejandro
Open accessMonTI_06_08.pdf.jpg2014Collocation Dictionaries: A Comparative AnalysisBuendía Castro, Miriam; Faber, Pamela
Open accessMonTI_06_07_trans.pdf.jpg2014Analysis of documentary and terminological needs of doctors and medical translators as a basis for the development of a next-generation multilingual dictionaryCorpas Pastor, Gloria; Roldán Juárez, Marina