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Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Fernando_Rubio_IJES.pdf.jpg2009Students’ beliefs about portfolio evaluation and its influence on their learning outcomes to develop EFL in a Spanish contextMartínez Lirola, María; Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.
Acceso restringidoMartinez_Lirola_Bradley_Smith.pdf.jpg29-ene-2009The predicated Theme in Alan Paton's Cry, the Beloved Country—a resource for written textMartínez Lirola, María; Smith, Bradley
Acceso abierto2008MLKLicus.pdf.jpg2008A systemic functional analysis of Martin Luther King’s ‘I have a dream’: exploring rhetorical devices and the variable of tenor for a better understanding of King’s contextMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoWorking_Paper_Alan_Paton.pdf.jpg2007A systemic functional approximation to the use of cleft sentences and reversed pseudo-cleft sentences in English in a narrative sample written by the Sourth African writer Alan PatonMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoLiCuS_Vol2_No3_Lirola_Exploring.pdf.jpg2007Exploring the relationship between Paton's ideology and his contextMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Journal_of_Language_and_Literature_2002.pdf.jpg2002On the use of marked syntax in Maya Angelou's Wouldn't Take Nothing for my Journey NowMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoartJane2007.pdf.jpg2007The problems affecting English language learning for non-native speakers: similarities and differences from the East to the WestMartínez Lirola, María; Stephen, Jeannet
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Brno_Studies_in_English.pdf.jpg2009Immigration news in the free press: linguistic and visual characteristicsMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoRAEI_22_12.pdf.jpgnov-2009Exploring new forms of gender violence: women as objects in plastic surgery’s leafletsMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Systemic_Functional_Linguistics_Use.pdf.jpg2008On the main resources used to persuade readers in multimodal texts related to health in the local pressMartínez Lirola, María