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AccesoFecha de publicaciónTítuloAutor/es
Acceso abierto11-nov-2015Does the scientific evidence support the advertising claims made for products containing Lactobacillus casei and Bifidobacterium lactis? A systematic reviewMeléndez Illanes, Lorena; González-Díaz, Cristina; Chilet Rosell, Elisa; Álvarez-Dardet, Carlos
Acceso restringidodic-2015Profiles of emotional intelligence and learning strategies in a sample of Chilean studentsGarcía-Fernández, José Manuel; Inglés, Cándido J.; Suriá Martínez, Raquel; Lagos San Martín, Nelly; Gonzálvez, Carolina; Aparisi Sierra, David; Martínez-Monteagudo, Mari Carmen
Acceso restringido7-ago-2012Quality of pharmaceutical advertising and gender bias in medical journals (1998-2008): a review of the scientific literatureCambronero Saiz, Belén; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa; Papí-Gálvez, Natalia
Acceso abierto2005Newspaper and personal life of journalist women in eastern Spain: the professional aspects of the incompatibility with family lifePapí-Gálvez, Natalia; Feliu García, Emilio; Frau Llinares, María José
Acceso abierto2015Online Media and Crisis? of Advertising Media PlanningPapí-Gálvez, Natalia
Acceso abierto1999Beauty and the Doctor: moral issues in health care with regard to appearanceLa Parra-Casado, Daniel; Martín Llaguno, Marta; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa
Acceso abierto2011Governmental promotion of the Information Society in the Spanish Region of ValenciaPapí-Gálvez, Natalia; Feliu García, Emilio
Acceso abierto16-mar-2010Hormone Replacement Therapy advertising: sense and nonsense on the web pages of the best-selling pharmaceuticals in SpainChilet Rosell, Elisa; Martín Llaguno, Marta; Ruiz-Cantero, María Teresa; Alonso Coello, Pablo
Acceso abierto2015Disability in young people, increases the risk of excessive Internet use?Suriá Martínez, Raquel
Acceso abierto2004Breaking the silence ceiling: how gender violence became into a social problem in Spain through media and politicsMartín Llaguno, Marta; Vives-Cases, Carmen