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Acceso abiertoMapping_VAW.pdf.jpg10-dic-2013Mapping and exploring health systems' response to intimate partner violence in SpainGoicolea, Isabel; Briones Vozmediano, Erica; Öhman, Ann; Edin, Kerstin; Minvielle, Fauhn; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Acceso restringidoFamily_Practice-2015-Martin-Baena-fampra_cmv017.pdf.jpg14-may-2015Violence against young women attending primary care services in Spain: prevalence and health consequencesMartín Baena, David; Montero Piñar, María Isabel; Escribà Agüir, Vicenta; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Acceso abierto2017_Amroussia_etal_ReprodHealth.pdf.jpg4-mar-2017“Is the doctor God to punish me?!” An intersectional examination of disrespectful and abusive care during childbirth against single mothers in TunisiaAmroussia, Nada; Hernández, Alison; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Goicolea, Isabel
Acceso restringido2017_Briones_etal_Disab&Rehab_final.pdf.jpg7-abr-2017“The complaining women”: health professionals’ perceptions on patients with fibromyalgia in SpainBriones Vozmediano, Erica; Öhman, Ann; Goicolea, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Acceso abierto2017_Vives_Sanz_Femicide-Volume-VII.pdf.jpg2017Femicide in Spain: Data availability, opportunities and challengesVives-Cases, Carmen; Sanz-Barbero, Belen
Acceso restringido2018_Sanz-Barbero_etal_SciTotEnv_final.pdf.jpg10-dic-2018Heat wave and the risk of intimate partner violenceSanz-Barbero, Belen; Linares, Cristina; Vives-Cases, Carmen; González, José Luis; López-Ossorio, Juan José; Díaz, Julio
Acceso abierto2017_Vives_La-Parra_Violence&Victims_revised.pdf.jpg17-may-2017Help-Seeking Behavior Among Moroccan, Romanian, and Ecuadorian Women Experiencing Intimate Partner Violence in SpainVives-Cases, Carmen; La Parra-Casado, Daniel
Acceso restringido2017_Martinez-Roman_etal_Affilia_final.pdf.jpg2017Immigrant Women Suffering From IPV in Spain: The Perspectives of Experienced Social WorkersMartinez-Roman, Maria-Asuncion; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Pérez Belda, Carmen
Acceso abierto21256-WHO-Intimate-Partner-Violence_low_V7.pdf.jpg2014Preventing and addressing intimate partner violence against migrant and ethnic minority women: the role of the health sectorVives-Cases, Carmen; La Parra-Casado, Daniel; Goicolea, Isabel; Felt, Emily B.; Briones Vozmediano, Erica; Ortiz Barreda, Gaby Margarita; Gil-González, Diana
Acceso restringido2018_Sanz-Barbero_etal_JEpidemiolCommunityHealth_final.pdf.jpg8-mar-2018Intimate partner violence against young women: prevalence and associated factors in EuropeSanz-Barbero, Belen; López Pereira, Patricia; Barrio, Gregorio; Vives-Cases, Carmen