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Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Systemic_Functional_Linguistics_Use.pdf.jpg2008On the main resources used to persuade readers in multimodal texts related to health in the local pressMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_ReCALL.pdf.jpg2008Integrating CALL and genre theory: a proposal to increase students' literacyMartínez Lirola, María; Tabuenca Cuevas, María Felicidad
Acceso abiertoLiCuS_Vol.02_No.02_Lirola_Sponono.pdf.jpg2007Towards a functional description of cleft and reversed pseudo-cleft sentences in Alan Paton's play SpononoMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abierto2006MLKMorphe.pdf.jpg2006The recurrent use of three postposition phenomena in Martin Luther King’s speeches: a systemic functional analysis of the existential sentence, extraposition, and the passiveMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso restringidoBookPLang_Final.pdf.jpg2009Main processes of thematization and postponement in EnglishMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Journal_of_Language_and_Literature_2004.pdf.jpg2004On the use of marked syntax in four short stories written by Hispanic American writers: a functional perspectiveMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso restringidoLHS_Maria_Martinez_Lirola.pdf.jpg2006A critical analysis of the image of immigrants in multimodal textsMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoRAEI_16_15.pdf.jpgnov-2003Reflections on some syntactical processes and their communicative implications in two short stories written by Julia Álvarez : My English and A Genetics of JusticeMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_Porta_Linguarum_en_2006.pdf.jpgene-2006The importance of teaching systemic functional linguistics and text linguistics to improve writing in bilingual education programs in the USAMartínez Lirola, María
Acceso abiertoMartinez_Lirola_ReVEL_marzo_2006.pdf.jpgmar-2006The relationship between ideology, superstition and marked syntax in Rudolfo Anaya’s Bless Me, UltimaMartínez Lirola, María