Journal of Human Sport and Exercise - 2021 - Winter Conferences of Sports Science

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Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_68.pdf.jpg2021Outdoor movement education in primary school during COVID-19 pandemic in the synthetic perceptions of primary school university training studentD'Elia, Francesca; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_67.pdf.jpg2021Primary school physical education in outdoor during COVID-19 pandemic: The perceptions of teachersD'Isanto, Tiziana; D'Elia, Francesca
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_66.pdf.jpg2021Resistance training for chronic low back pain in the elderly: A systematic reviewFritz, Nicole B.; Gene-Morales, Javier; Saez-Berlanga, Ángel, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_65.pdf.jpg2021Approaches to motor learning: Cognitive approach versus ecological dinamyc oneRaiola, Gaetano; Di Domenico, Felice
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_64.pdf.jpg2021Muscle strength and the complexity of human movementDi Domenico, Felice; Raiola, Gaetano
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_63.pdf.jpg2021Incidence and prevalence of injuries in futsal: A systematic review of the literatureGene-Morales, Javier; Saez-Berlanga, Ángel; Bermudez, Manuel, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_62.pdf.jpg2021The effect of sponsorships and product marketing on the management activities of football clubs: A contextual and dimensional studyMohsen, Ghazwan Aziz; Shayyal, Amer Rashid; Farhan, Mustafa Mohammed Ali
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_61.pdf.jpg2021Measuring some kinesthetic perception tests using the computer-programmed atrussonic distance sensor for volleyball players according to their specialitiesFail, Mohammed Rahim; Ashoor, Raja Abdulsamad; Oubed, Wathiq Abdulsahib
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_60.pdf.jpg2021Measuring the consistency of accuracy of hand-to-eye alignment using an innovative computer-programmed device for young volleyball playersAshoor, Raja Abdulsamad; Oubed, Wathiq Abdulsahib; Sabr, Aqeel Jareh
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_59.pdf.jpg2021Evaluating the time of the visual scene and its relationship to the values of some biochemical variables in the performance of the main section of the spiking and blocking skills in the volleyballHasan, Hamza Fadhil; Abdul, Ya’arub Daikh Baqi
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_58.pdf.jpg2021The effect of selective exercises on developing motor abilities, basic skills, and mental perception among football playersAllami, Nawar Abdullah Hussein; Hussein, Ghaith Abdullah; Al-Lami, Khalid Kadhim Resan
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_57.pdf.jpg2021Kinematic analysis with motion sensors in kayakers: A study with boyacense athletesCallejas-Cuervo, Mauro; Pacanchique-Florez, Victor Manuel; Sanabria-Arguello, Yofre Danilo
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_56.pdf.jpg2021Effects of traditional training compared to functional training in metabolic age and visceral fat in 18-30 old subjectsBogdani, Andis; Pano, Genti
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_55.pdf.jpg2021Effects of functional and traditional training on body composition and chronic low back pain treatment: Case studyPano, Genti; Bogdani, Andis
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_54.pdf.jpg2021Intra-articular hyaluronic acid injections and oral collagen supplementation for knee OA: A case report of an elite female soccer playerTarantino, Domiziano; Sirico, Felice; Corrado, Bruno, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_53.pdf.jpg2021The effects of beta (2)-adrenergic receptors activation on the cardiovascular system and on the skeletal muscle: A narrative reviewRomano, Veronica; Cozzolino, Domenico; Zinno, Giorgio, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_52.pdf.jpg2021Sudden cardiac death and coronary artery anomalies in the athletes: A narrative reviewBianco, Roberto; Annarumma, Giada; Cocola, Amos Cosimo, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_50.pdf.jpg2021Effects of flipped learning on kinesthetic response and scoring accuracy in football at indoors stadiums for middle school students according to Susan ModelSadiq, Sadiq Jafar
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_49.pdf.jpg2021The effects of tactical sequences on game scenarios in the development of skilful and tactical performances for futsal playersSadiq, Sadiq Jafar
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_48.pdf.jpg2021Developing of top serve accuracy test on Sepak takraw sport gameIrawan, Roma; Padli, Vivien Eddy; Purba, Ruliando Hasea, et al
Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 67