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Acceso abierto2015_Brocal_Sebastian_Procedia.pdf.jpg2015Analysis and Modeling of New and Emerging Occupational Risks in the Context of Advanced Manufacturing ProcessesBrocal Fernández, Francisco; Sebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángel
Acceso abierto2015_Sebastian_Brocal_ProcediaEng.pdf.jpg2015Analysis of Open Resources from INSHT for Application to University Teaching of Industrial Safety TechnologySebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángel; Brocal Fernández, Francisco
Acceso abierto2017_Gonzalez-Gaya_etal_ProcediaManufacturing.pdf.jpg2017Approach to identification and characterization of the new and emerging risks associated with Industrial Green BuildingGonzález, Cristina; Fuentes-Bargues, José Luis; Brocal Fernández, Francisco, et al
Acceso abierto2015_Brocal_Sebastian_Opcion.pdf.jpg2015Características estructurales y tecnológicas del riesgo laboral emergente en entornos de fabricaciónBrocal Fernández, Francisco; Sebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángel
Acceso abierto2017_Brocal_etal_ProcediaManufacturing.pdf.jpg2017Proposed methodology for the study of the level of emerging risk from exposure to hand-arm vibrations in manufacturing environmentsBrocal Fernández, Francisco; Sánchez-Lite, Alberto; González, Cristina, et al
Acceso abierto2018_Brocal_etal_Materials.pdf.jpg9-oct-2018Risk Management of Hazardous Materials in Manufacturing Processes: Links and Transitional Spaces between Occupational Accidents and Major AccidentsBrocal Fernández, Francisco; González, Cristina; Reniers, Genserik, et al
Acceso restringido2018_Brocal_etal_SafetySci_final.pdf.jpgnov-2018Technique to identify and characterize new and emerging risks: A new tool for application in manufacturing processesBrocal Fernández, Francisco; González, Cristina; Sebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángel
Acceso restringido2017_Brocal_etal_SafetySci_final.pdf.jpgnov-2017Theoretical framework for the new and emerging occupational risk modeling and its monitoring through technology lifecycle of industrial processesBrocal Fernández, Francisco; Sebastián Pérez, Miguel Ángel; González, Cristina