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Open access2004_PhysRevB.69.081401.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2004Absence of magnetically induced fractional quantization in atomic contactsUntiedt, Carlos; Dekker, D.M.T.; Djukic, D., et al
Open access2002_PhysRevB.66.085418.pdf.jpg29-Aug-2002Calibration of the length of a chain of single gold atomsUntiedt, Carlos; Yanson, A.I.; Grande, Rocío, et al
Open access2001_PhysRevLett.87.266102.pdf.jpg24-Dec-2001Common origin for surface reconstruction and the formation of chains of metal atomsSmit, R.H.M.; Untiedt, Carlos; Yanson, A.I., et al
Open access2015_Sabater_etal_BeilsteinJNanotechnol.pdf.jpg9-Dec-2015Evidence for non-conservative current-induced forces in the breaking of Au and Pt atomic chainsSabater Piqueres, Carlos; Untiedt, Carlos; Ruitenbeek, J.M. van
Open access2007_PhysRevLett.98.206801.pdf.jpg18-May-2007Formation of a metallic contact: jump to contact revisitedUntiedt, Carlos; Caturla, Maria J.; Calvo, M. Reyes, et al
Restricted access2007_phys_stat_sol_a.pdf.jpg4-Jun-2007Formation of atomic-sized contacts controlled by electrochemical methodsCalvo, M. Reyes; Mares, Ancuta I.; Climent, Victor, et al
Restricted access2002_Nature.pdf.jpg31-Oct-2002Measurement of the conductance of a hydrogen moleculeSmit, R.H.M.; Noat, Y.; Untiedt, Carlos, et al
Open access2009_PhysRevB.80.085427.pdf.jpg24-Aug-2009Molecular signature of highly conductive metal-molecule-metal junctionsTal, O.; Kiguchi, M.; Thijssen, W.H.A., et al
Open access2003_PhysRevLett.91.076805.pdf.jpg15-Aug-2003Observation of a parity oscillation in the conductance of atomic wiresSmit, R.H.M.; Untiedt, Carlos; Rubio Bollinger, Gabino, et al
Open access2005_PhysRevB.71.161402.pdf.jpg20-Apr-2005Stretching dependence of the vibration modes of a single-molecule Pt-H2-Pt bridgeDjukic, D.; Thygesen, K.S.; Untiedt, Carlos, et al
Restricted access2004_IOP_Nanotechnology.pdf.jpg17-May-2004The high-bias stability of monatomic chainsSmit, R.H.M.; Untiedt, Carlos; Ruitenbeek, J.M. van