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Open access2018_Villamor_etal_The-ISME-Journal.pdf.jpg3-Nov-2017Characterization of ecologically diverse viruses infecting co-occurring strains of cosmopolitan hyperhalophilic BacteroidetesVillamor Serrano, Judit; Ramos-Barbero, María Dolores; González-Torres, Pedro, et al
Open access2012_Santos_etal_ApplEnvironMicrobiol.pdf.jpg13-Jan-2012Culture-independent approaches for studying viruses from hypersaline environmentsSantos, Fernando; Yarza, Pablo; Parro, Víctor, et al
Open access2015_Viver_etal_SystemAppMicrob_final.pdf.jpgJun-2015Diversity of extremely halophilic cultivable prokaryotes in Mediterranean, Atlantic and Pacific solar salterns: Evidence that unexplored sites constitute sources of cultivable noveltyViver, Tomeu; Cifuentes, Ana; Díaz, Sara, et al
Open access2016_Rubio_etal_MarEnvRev_final.pdf.jpgDec-2016Effects of the 2015 heat wave on benthic invertebrates in the Tabarca Marine Protected Area (southeast Spain)Rubio-Portillo, Esther; Izquierdo Muñoz, Andrés; Gago, Juan F., et al
Open access2015_Gomariz_etal_ISME-Journal_final.pdf.jpg2015From community approaches to single-cell genomics: the discovery of ubiquitous hyperhalophilic Bacteroidetes generalistsGomariz, María; Martinez-Garcia, Manuel; Santos, Fernando, et al
Open access2018_Viver_etal_SystApplMicrobiol_final.pdf.jpgMay-2018Genomic comparison between members of the Salinibacteraceae family, and description of a new species of Salinibacter (Salinibacter altiplanensis sp. nov.) isolated from high altitude hypersaline environments of the Argentinian AltiplanoViver, Tomeu; Orellana, Luis H.; González-Torres, Pedro, et al
Open access2013_Anton_etal_PLoS-ONE.pdf.jpg31-May-2013High metabolomic microdiversity within co-occurring isolates of the extremely halophilic bacterium Salinibacter ruberAnton, Josefa; Lucio, Marianna; Peña Pardo, Aránzazu, et al
Open access2017_Viver_etal_EnvMicrobiol_final.pdf.jpgAug-2017The low diverse gastric microbiome of the jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata is dominated by four novel taxaViver, Tomeu; Orellana, Luis H.; Hatt, Janet K., et al
Embargoed2019_Viver_etal_EnvironMicrobiology_final.pdf.jpgNov-2019Predominance of deterministic microbial community dynamics in salterns exposed to different light intensitiesViver, Tomeu; Orellana, Luis H.; Díaz, Sara, et al
Open access2019_Martin-Cuadrado_etal_EnvironMicrobiol_final.pdf.jpgOct-2019Prokaryotic and viral community of the sulfate‐rich crust from Peñahueca ephemeral lake, an astrobiology analogueMartín Cuadrado, Ana Belén; Senel, Ece; Martinez-Garcia, Manuel, et al
Open access2018_Rubio-Portillo_etal_SystApplMicrobiol.pdf.jpgMar-2018Vibrio communities in scleractinian corals differ according to health status and geographic location in the Mediterranean SeaRubio-Portillo, Esther; Gago, Juan F.; Martinez-Garcia, Manuel, et al