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Open access2018_Vazquez-Sanchez_etal_DeathStudies_accepted.pdf.jpg29-Jun-2018The concept of death in children aged from 9 to 11 years: Evidences through inductive and deductive analysis of drawingsVázquez-Sánchez, Juan Manuel; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; García-Caro, M. Paz, et al
Open access2020_Marti-Garcia_etal_NurseEduToday_final.pdf.jpgMay-2020Content analysis of the effects of palliative care learning on the perception by nursing students of dying and dignified deathMartí-García, Celia; Ruiz-Martín, Laura; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel, et al
Open access2018_Marti-Garcia_etal_RevEstudSoc.pdf.jpgOct-2018Cultural Influences in the Processing of Emotion Schemas Related to Death and Violence: A Pilot StudyMartí-García, Celia; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Hueso-Montoro, César, et al
Open accessEscribano_etal_2021_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg6-Nov-2021Efficacy of a Standardised Patient Simulation Programme for Chronicity and End-of-Life Care Training in Undergraduate Nursing StudentsEscribano, Silvia; Cabañero-Martínez, María José; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel, et al
Open accessculturacuidados_20_16.pdf.jpg2006En busca de una definición transcultural de sufrimiento; una revisión bibliográficaMontoya-Juárez, Rafael; Schmidt Río-Valle, Jacqueline; Prados Peña, Diego
Restricted access2017_Sanchez-Garcia_etal_ApplNursRes_final.pdf.jpgOct-2017End of life care in nursing homes in Spain: Exploratory analysis and evidences of validity of a new scaleSánchez-García, María Remedios; Gutiérrez-Romero, Jose Antonio; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel, et al
Open accessFernandez-Alcantara_etal_2020_ScandJCaringSci_final.pdf.jpgDec-2020‘In the hospital there are no care guidelines’: experiences and practices in perinatal loss in SpainFernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Schul-Martin, Laetitia; García-Caro, M. Paz, et al
Open accessCult_Cuid_44_07.pdf.jpg2016Metaestudio cualitativo sobre vivencias y gestión del cotidiano en adultos mayores que padecen enfermedades crónicasHernández Zambrano, Sandra Milena; Hueso Montoro, César; Montoya-Juárez, Rafael, et al
Open accessFernandez-Alcantara_etal_2021_Children.pdf.jpg9-Feb-2021A New Instrument to Assess Children’s Understanding of Death: Psychometrical Properties of the EsCoMu Scale in a Sample of Spanish ChildrenFernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Santos-Roig, Macarena de los; Pérez-Marfil, María Nieves, et al
Open accessMorell-Velasco_etal_2020_JPediatricNursing_final.pdf.jpg2020Teachers' Perception of Grief in Primary and Secondary School Students in Spain: Children's Responses and Elements which Facilitate or Hinder the Grieving ProcessMorell-Velasco, Clara; Fernández-Alcántara, Manuel; Hueso Montoro, César, et al
Open access2019_Palma-Candia_etal_IntJEnvironResPublicHealth.pdf.jpg27-Sep-2019Understanding the Occupational Adaptation Process and Well-Being of Older Adults in Magallanes (Chile): A Qualitative StudyPalma-Candia, Oskarina; Hueso Montoro, César; Martí-García, Celia, et al