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Acceso abierto2013_Gangoso_etal_PLoS_ONE.pdf.jpg23-abr-2013Ecological specialization to fluctuating resources prevents long-distance migratory raptors from becoming sedentary on islandsGangoso, Laura; López-López, Pascual; Grande, Juan Manuel, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Mellone_etal_Ibis_final.pdf.jpgoct-2016Individual variation in orientation promotes a 3000-km latitudinal change in wintering grounds in a long-distance migratory raptorMellone, Ugo; Lucia, Giuseppe; Mallìa, Egidio, et al
Acceso abierto2012_Mellone_etal_PlosOne.pdf.jpg2-jul-2012Interspecific comparison of the performance of soaring migrants in relation to morphology, meteorological conditions and migration strategiesMellone, Ugo; Klaassen, Raymond H.G.; García Ripollés, Clara, et al
Acceso restringido2013_Liminana_etal_BehavEcolSociobiol_final.pdf.jpgmay-2013Is there a different response to winds during migration between soaring and flapping raptors? An example with the Montagu’s harrier and the lesser kestrelLimiñana, Rubén; Romero, Marta; Mellone, Ugo, et al
Acceso abiertocuadbiod39_01.pdf.jpg2012Migración e invernada del Halcón de Eleonora (Falco eleonorae Gené, 1839; falconidae): ¿qué hemos aprendido con el seguimiento por satélite?Limiñana, Rubén; Mellone, Ugo; López-López, Pascual, et al
Acceso restringido2013_Mellone_etal_BirdStudy_final.pdf.jpg9-abr-2013Migration routes and wintering areas of Booted Eagles Aquila pennata breeding in SpainMellone, Ugo; Puente, Javier de la; López-López, Pascual, et al
Acceso abiertotesis_ugo_mellone.pdf.jpg2013Movement ecology of long-distance migrants: insights from the Eleonora's falcon and other raptorsMellone, Ugo
Acceso abierto2012_Mellone_etal_ACTA_ORNITHOLOGICA.pdf.jpgdic-2012Ranging behaviour of Eleonora’s Falcons Falco eleonorae during chick-rearingMellone, Ugo; Urios, Vicente; Rguibi-Idrisi, Hamid, et al
Acceso abierto2015_Mellone_etal_Current-Zoology.pdf.jpg2015Regional and age-dependent differences in the effect of wind on the migratory routes of Eleonora's falconMellone, Ugo; Limiñana, Rubén; López-López, Pascual, et al
Acceso restringido2015_Mellone_etal_BehavEcolSociobiol_final.pdf.jpgene-2015Seasonal differences in migration patterns of a soaring bird in relation to environmental conditions: a multi-scale approachMellone, Ugo; Puente, Javier de la; López-López, Pascual, et al
Acceso restringido2016_Lopez_etal_JOrnithol_final.pdf.jpgoct-2016Spatial ecology and habitat use of adult Booted Eagles (Aquila pennata) during the breeding season: implications for conservationLópez-López, Pascual; Puente, Javier de la; Mellone, Ugo, et al
Acceso abierto2012_Mellone_etal_BCI.pdf.jpg22-mar-2013Summer pre-breeding movements of Eleonora’s Falcon Falco eleonorae revealed by satellite telemetry: implications for conservationMellone, Ugo; López-López, Pascual; Limiñana, Rubén, et al
Acceso restringido2011_Mellone_etal_Bird_Study.pdf.jpg25-jul-2011Summer staging areas of non-breeding Short-toed Snake Eagles Circaetus gallicusMellone, Ugo; Yáñez, Beatriz; Limiñana, Rubén, et al
Acceso restringido2013_Mellone_etal_JAB_final.pdf.jpgsep-2013The trans-equatorial loop migration system of Eleonora’s falcon: differences in migration patterns between age classes, regions and seasonsMellone, Ugo; López-López, Pascual; Limiñana, Rubén, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Vidal-Mateo_etal_CurrentZoology.pdf.jpg1-abr-2016Wind effects on the migration routes of trans-Saharan soaring raptors: geographical, seasonal, and interspecific variationVidal-Mateo, Javier; Mellone, Ugo; López-López, Pascual, et al