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Acceso abierto2018_Bonyasi_etal_NewJChem_final.pdf.jpg15-ene-2018Copper ferrite nanoparticle modified starch as a highly recoverable catalyst for room temperature click chemistry: multicomponent synthesis of 1,2,3-triazoles in waterBonyasi, Reza; Gholinejad, Mohammad; Saadati, Fariba, et al
Acceso abierto2017_Gholinejad_etal_MCAT_final.pdf.jpgmay-2017A fluorescence active catalyst support comprising carbon quantum dots and magnesium oxide doping for stabilization of palladium nanoparticles: Application as a recoverable catalyst for Suzuki reaction in waterGholinejad, Mohammad; Bahrami, Maedeh; Nájera, Carmen
Embargado2018_Gholinejad_etal_ChemPlusChem_final.pdf.jpgmay-2018Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Imidazole‐Modified Bentonite: Environmentally Benign Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Three‐Component Synthesis of Propargylamines in WaterGholinejad, Mohammad; Bonyasi, Reza; Nájera, Carmen, et al
Acceso abierto2016_Gholinejad_etal_Synlettt_final.pdf.jpg2016Gold Nanoparticles Supported on Polyacrylamide Containing a Phosphorus Ligand as an Efficient Heterogeneous Catalyst for Three-Component Synthesis of Propargylamines in WaterGholinejad, Mohammad; Hamed, Fatemeh; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2017_Gholinejad_etal_ChemCatChem_final.pdf.jpg21-abr-2017Graphene Quantum Dot Modified Fe3O4 Nanoparticles Stabilize PdCu Nanoparticles for Enhanced Catalytic Activity in the Sonogashira ReactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Ahmadi, Jahantab; Nájera, Carmen, et al
Acceso abierto2017_Gholinejad_etal_Tetrahedron_final.pdf.jpg21-sep-2017Green synthesis of carbon quantum dots from vanillin for modification of magnetite nanoparticles and formation of palladium nanoparticles: Efficient catalyst for Suzuki reactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Nájera, Carmen; Hamed, Fatemeh, et al
Acceso restringido2018_Gholinejad_etal_ApplOrganometalChem_final.pdf.jpgsep-2018Iron oxide modified with pyridyl‐triazole ligand for stabilization of gold nanoparticles: An efficient heterogeneous catalyst for A3 coupling reaction in waterGholinejad, Mohammad; Zareh, Fatemeh; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2016_Gholinejad_etal_ChemCatChem_rev.pdf.jpg20-ene-2016Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Modified with Carbon Quantum Nanodots for the Stabilization of Palladium Nanoparticles: An Efficient Catalyst for the Suzuki Reaction in Aqueous Media under Mild ConditionsGholinejad, Mohammad; Seyedhamzeh, Mohammad; Razeghi, Mehran, et al
Acceso abierto2018_Gholinejad_etal_JCatalysis_preprint.pdf.jpgjul-2018Magnesium oxide supported bimetallic Pd/Cu nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for Sonogashira reactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Bahrami, Maedeh; Nájera, Carmen, et al
Embargado2018_Gholinejad_etal_ApplCatA_final.pdf.jpg5-ago-2018Magnetic crosslinked copoly(ionic liquid) nanohydrogel supported palladium nanoparticles as efficient catalysts for the selective aerobic oxidation of alcoholsGholinejad, Mohammad; Afrasi, Mahmoud; Nikfarjam, Nasser, et al
Acceso abierto2015_Gholinejad_etal_RSC-Advances_final.pdf.jpg28-may-2015Magnetic nanoparticles supported oxime palladacycle as a highly efficient and separable catalyst for room temperature Suzuki–Miyaura coupling reaction in aqueous mediaGholinejad, Mohammad; Razeghi, Mehran; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2018_Gholinejad_etal_ApplOrganometalChem_revised.pdf.jpgene-2018Nitro group reduction and Suzuki reaction catalysed by palladium supported on magnetic nanoparticles modified with carbon quantum dots generated from glycerol and ureaGholinejad, Mohammad; Zareh, Fatemeh; Nájera, Carmen
Embargado2018_Gholinejad_etal_InorganicaChimActa_accepted.pdf.jpg1-nov-2018Novel oxime-palladacycle supported on clay composite as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for Sonogashira reactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Dasvarz, Neda; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2016_Gholinejad_etal_ApplCatA_final.pdf.jpg5-sep-2016Palladium supported on bis(indolyl)methane functionalized magnetite nanoparticles as an efficient catalyst for copper-free Sonogashira-Hagihara reactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Neshat, Abdollah; Zareh, Fatemeh, et al
Acceso abiertoChem Lett.pdf.jpg5-sep-2011Phosphane-free Suzuki-Miyaura coupling of aryl imidazolesulfonates with arylboronic acids and potassium aryltrifluoroborates under aqueous conditionsCívicos García, José Francisco; Gholinejad, Mohammad; Alonso, Diego A., et al
Acceso abierto2016_Gholinejad_etal_ChemistrySelect_final.pdf.jpgmar-2016Silica Microparticles Supported Gold and Copper Ferrite Nanoparticles: A Magnetically Recyclable Bimetallic Catalyst for Sonogashira ReactionGholinejad, Mohammad; Ahmadi, Jahantab; Nájera, Carmen
Acceso abierto2016_Gholinejad_etal_TetLet_final.pdf.jpg17-ago-2016Tandem oxidation–Wittig reaction using nanocrystalline barium manganate (BaMnO4); an improved one-pot protocolGholinejad, Mohammad; Firouzabadi, Habib; Bahrami, Maedeh, et al