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Restricted access2013_Sitta_etal_ElectCom_final.pdf.jpgAug-2013Electrocatalysis of H2O2 reduction/oxidation at model platinum surfacesSitta, Elton; Gómez Marín, Ana María; Aldaz Riera, Antonio, et al
Open access2017_Gomez-Marin_etal_RussJElectrochem_final.pdf.jpgSep-2017Electrocatalytic oxidation and reduction of H2O2 on Au single crystalsGómez Marín, Ana María; Boronat-González, Ana; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Gomez-Marin_Feliu_ChemSusChem.pdf.jpgJun-2013New Insights into the Oxygen Reduction Reaction Mechanism on Pt (111): A Detailed Electrochemical StudyGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.
Restricted access2013_Gomez_Feliu_ElectActa_final.pdf.jpg1-Aug-2013Oxide growth dynamics at Pt(1 1 1) in absence of specific adsorption: A mechanistic studyGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.
Embargoed2018_Gomez-Marin_Feliu_CurrOpElectrochem_accepted.pdf.jpgJun-2018Oxygen reduction at platinum electrodes: The interplay between surface and surroundings propertiesGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2015_Gomez_Feliu_CatTod_final.pdf.jpg15-Apr-2015Oxygen reduction on nanostructured platinum surfaces in acidic media: Promoting effect of surface steps and ideal response of Pt(1 1 1)Gómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.
Embargoed2019_Gomez-Marin_etal_ACSCatal_final.pdf.jpg25-Jan-2019Oxygen Reduction on Platinum Surfaces in Acid Media: Experimental Evidence of a CECE/DISP Initial Reaction PathGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.; Edson, Ticianelli
Open access2014_Gomez-Marin_etal_CST_final.pdf.jpg26-Feb-2014Oxygen reduction reaction at Pt single crystals: a critical overviewGómez Marín, Ana María; Rizo, Rubén; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2018_Gomez-Marin_etal_ACSCatal_final.pdf.jpg19-Jul-2018Reaction Mechanism for Oxygen Reduction on Platinum: Existence of a Fast Initial Chemical Step and a Soluble Species Different from H2O2Gómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.; Edson, Ticianelli
Open access2015_Gomez_Feliu_JSolidStateElectr_final.pdf.jpgSep-2015Role of oxygen-containing species at Pt(111) on the oxygen reduction reaction in acid mediaGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.
Open accesstesis_ana_maria_gomez_marin.pdf.jpg2014Role of Surface Species at Pt(111) in Electrochemical Oxygen ReductionGómez Marín, Ana María
Open access2016_Sandoval_etal_CatTod_final.pdf.jpg15-Mar-2016Role of the interfacial water structure on electrocatalysis: Oxygen reduction on Pt(1 1 1) in methanesulfonic acidSandoval, Andrea P.; Gómez Marín, Ana María; Suárez-Herrera, Marco F., et al
Restricted access2013_Gomez-Marin_etal_JEC_final.pdf.jpg1-Jan-2013Sequential Pt(1 1 1) oxide formation in perchloric acid: An electrochemical study of surface species inter-conversionGómez Marín, Ana María; Clavilier, Jean; Feliu, Juan M.
Open access2016_Gomez_Feliu_SurfaceSci_final.pdf.jpgApr-2016Thermodynamic properties of hydrogen–water adsorption at terraces and steps of Pt(111) vicinal surface electrodesGómez Marín, Ana María; Feliu, Juan M.