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Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_22.pdf.jpg2018Anthropometrics characteristics and jumping ability in basketballAltavilla, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Di Tore, Pio Alfredo
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S267-S278.pdf.jpg2016Assessment of periodization training in soccerRaiola, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_41.pdf.jpg2019Augmented, virtual and robotics reality for distance learning and internship in telematics Sport and Exercise Science degrees in ItalyD'Elia, Francesca; Cassese, Francesco Peluso; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_79.pdf.jpg2019Basketball and ankle injuriesFalcone, Giovanni; Scurati, Raffaele; D'Elia, Francesca, et al
Open accessJHSE_18-3_07.pdf.jpg2023Can somatotype influence the static postural control? A new proposal of investigationPenna, Giuseppe; Zecca, Giulio; Altavilla, Gaetano, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_19.pdf.jpg2019Comparison between sprint training methods in different types of athletesPisapia, Federica; Cassese, Francesco Peluso; Valentini, Manuela, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc3_21.pdf.jpg2021Core training to reduce the performance gap between abled and disabled athletes in the canoe disciplineTaleb, Manuele; Aliberti, Sara; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_13_Proc2_23.pdf.jpg2018Correlation of the anthropometric characteristics and the ability to jump in volleyballD'Isanto, Tiziana; Di Tore, Pio Alfredo; Altavilla, Gaetano
Open accessjhse_Vol_11_N_proc1_S259-S266.pdf.jpg2016Descriptive shot analysis in basketballRaiola, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc4_48.pdf.jpg2020Design and teaching of physical education for children and youthD'Elia, Francesca; Tortella, Patrizia; Sannicandro, Italo, et al
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_54.pdf.jpg2021Disability and inclusion: Swimming to overcome social barriersImparato, Pasquale; Sannicandro, Italo; Izzo, Riccardo, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_72.pdf.jpg2019Diversity as a starting point for “adapted sport”Martino, Luciana; Cassese, Francesco Peluso; Viscione, Ilaria, et al
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc4_21.pdf.jpg2020The educational value of rules in basketballAltavilla, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana; D'Elia, Francesca
Open accessJHSE_2020_15_Proc3_15.pdf.jpg2020The educational value of the rules in volleyballD'Elia, Francesca; Sgrò, Francesco; D'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_24.pdf.jpg2019Effectiveness and influence of some technical fundamentals on the game's quality in footballD'Isanto, Tiziana
Open accessJHSE_16_Proc2_60.pdf.jpg2021Football the performance level of athletes with disabilities for the "fourth category" 7-a-side championshipD'Andrea, Danilo; Scurati, Raffaele; Izzo, Riccardo, et al
Open accessJHSE_13-3_02.pdf.jpg2018Free throw and outcomes: Pilot study on intensive training versus extensive oneAltavilla, Gaetano; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Di Tore, Pio Alfredo, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_35.pdf.jpg2019An integrated mode to assess service volleyball among power glove, video analysis and testingFerrara, Federica; Fattore, Simona; Pignato, Salvatore, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc5_57.pdf.jpg2019Learning the service drills in novice volleyball athletesForte, Dante; D'Isanto, Tiziana; Di Domenico, Felice, et al
Open accessJHSE_14_Proc4_18.pdf.jpg2019The movement: Complexity and reductionism, evidence in comparisonDi Domenico, Felice; Fattore, Simona; D'Isanto, Tiziana