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Open access2014_Goicolea_etal_GacSanit_final.pdf.jpg2014Applying the WHO recommendations on health-sector response to violence against women to assess the Spanish health system. A mixed methods approachGoicolea, Isabel; Vives-Cases, Carmen; Minvielle, Fauhn, et al
Restricted access2017_Briones_etal_Disab&Rehab_final.pdf.jpg7-Apr-2017“The complaining women”: health professionals’ perceptions on patients with fibromyalgia in SpainBriones Vozmediano, Erica; Öhman, Ann; Goicolea, Isabel, et al
Open access2015_Vives_etal_GlobHealthAction.pdf.jpg30-Nov-2015Gender and health inequalities: intersections with other relevant axes of oppressionVives-Cases, Carmen; Eriksson, Malin; Goicolea, Isabel, et al
Restricted accessJ_Interpers_Violence-2015-Briones-Vozmediano.pdf.jpg20-Dec-2015Health-Sector Responses to Intimate Partner Violence Fitting the Response Into the Biomedical Health System or Adapting the System to Meet the Response?Briones Vozmediano, Erica; Maquibar Landa, Amaia; Vives-Cases, Carmen, et al
Open access2017_Goicolea_etal_Global_Health_Action.pdf.jpg23-Nov-2017Intersections between gender and other relevant social determinants of health inequalitiesGoicolea, Isabel; Öhman, Ann; Vives-Cases, Carmen
Open accessGaceta Sanitaria_Congreso SEE 2014_14.pdf.jpgSep-2014La respuesta sanitaria a la violencia de género. ¿Adaptar el sistema o medicalizar la violencia? estudio cualitativoBriones Vozmediano, Erica; Maquibar Landa, Amaia; Vives-Cases, Carmen, et al
Open accessGaceta Sanitaria_Congreso SEE 2014_17.pdf.jpgSep-2014“Las pacientes problemáticas”: discursos profesionales sobre las personas afectadas de fibromialgia en EspañaBriones Vozmediano, Erica; Goicolea, Isabel; Öhman, Ann, et al
Open accessMapping_VAW.pdf.jpg10-Dec-2013Mapping and exploring health systems' response to intimate partner violence in SpainGoicolea, Isabel; Briones Vozmediano, Erica; Öhman, Ann, et al