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Restricted access2013_Gomez_etal_IEEE-TMTT_final.pdf.jpgDec-2013Low-Pass and Bandpass Filters With Ultra-Broad Stopband Bandwidth Based on Directional CouplersGómez-García, Roberto; Sánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Sánchez-Renedo, Manuel, et al
Open accessMemorias-del-programa-redes-i3ce-2016-17_40.pdf.jpg2017Máster en Ingeniería de Telecomunicación: ¿hacia la semipresencialidad?Sánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Alvarez, Mariela L.; Bleda, Sergio, et al
Restricted access2012_Sanchez_etal_IETMicrowAntennasPropag_final.pdf.jpg21-Aug-2012Multispurious suppression in parallel-coupled line filters by means of coupling controlSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Torregrosa-Penalva, Germán; Bronchalo, Enrique
Open access2016_Coves_etal_RadioSci_final.pdf.jpgApr-2016A novel band-pass filter based on a periodically drilled SIW structureCoves Soler, Ángela María; Torregrosa-Penalva, Germán; San Blas Oltra, Ángel Antonio, et al
Restricted access2011_Sanchez_etal_IETMicrowAntennasPropag_final.pdf.jpgApr-2011Parallel-coupled line filter design from an energetic coupling approachSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Bronchalo, Enrique; Torregrosa-Penalva, Germán
Restricted access2013_Sanchez_etal_IETMicrowAntennasPropag_final.pdf.jpgMay-2013Reconfigurable-bandwidth bandpass filter within 10-50%Sánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Gómez-García, Roberto; Torregrosa-Penalva, Germán, et al
Restricted access2012_Sanchez_etal_IEEE-MWCL_final.pdf.jpgJan-2012Reply to Comments on "Compact Wideband Bandstop Filter With Four Transmission Zeros"Sánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Bronchalo, Enrique; Torregrosa-Penalva, Germán
Restricted access2018_Gomez_etal_IEEE-NEMO_final.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2018Rigorous Multimode Equivalent Network Representation of Multilayer Planar CircuitsGómez, Celia; Quesada Pereira, Fernando; Álvarez Melcón, Alejandro, et al
Restricted access2015_Sanchez_Gomez_IEEE-MWCL_final.pdf.jpgFeb-2015Sharp-Rejection Wide-Band Dual-Band Bandpass Planar Filters With Broadly-Separated PassbandsSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Gómez-García, Roberto
Restricted access2018_Sanchez-Soriano_etal_EuMC.pdf.jpg22-Nov-2018Signal-Interference-Based Structure with Negative Group Delay PropertiesSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Durá, Javier; Sirci, Stefano, et al
Restricted access2018_Sanchez-Soriano_etal_IEEE-NEMO_final.pdf.jpg30-Oct-2018Study on Multipactor Breakdown in Coaxial to Microstrip TransitionsSánchez-Soriano, Miguel Ángel; Marini, Stephan; Vague, Joaquin, et al