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Open accessIG_50_07.pdf.jpgSep-2009La incidencia de la helada de 1956 en el Olivar de Navata (Alt Empordà, Girona)Ricart Casadevall, Sandra; Ribas Palom, Anna
Open access2019_Ricart_etal_Irrigation-Water-Productivity-Introduction.pdf.jpg18-Dec-2019Introductory Chapter: Addressing Past Claims and Oncoming Challenges for Irrigation SystemsRicart Casadevall, Sandra; Olcina, Jorge; Rico, Antonio
Open accessriesgo-inundacion-espana-1171-1180.pdf.jpg2020Lecciones del etnoconocimiento indígena para la gestión del riesgo por inundaciones súbitas. El caso de la comunidad indígena Nasa (Cauca-Colombia)Quiguapumbo Valencia, Isaleimi; Aledo, Antonio; Ricart Casadevall, Sandra
Restricted access2019_Ricart_etal_UrbanWaterJ_final.pdf.jpg2019More water exchange, less water scarcity? Driving factors from conventional and reclaimed water swap between agricultural and urban-tourism activities in Alicante, SpainRicart Casadevall, Sandra; Arahuetes Hidalgo, Ana; Villar Navascués, Rubén Alejandro, et al
Open access2019_Ricart_etal_Water.pdf.jpg22-Jan-2019Risk-Yuck Factor Nexus in Reclaimed Wastewater for Irrigation: Comparing Farmers’ Attitudes and Public PerceptionRicart Casadevall, Sandra; Rico, Antonio; Ribas Palom, Anna
Restricted access2020_Reddy_etal_SouthAsiaRes_final.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2020Tribal and Non-Tribal Farmers’ Land Rights and Food Security Promotion in TelanganaReddy, A. Amarender; Ricart Casadevall, Sandra; Cadman, Tim
Open access2018_Ricart_JGEESI.pdf.jpg2-Jun-2018Water Management and Irrigation Governance in the Anthropocene: Moving from Physical Solutions to Social InvolvementRicart Casadevall, Sandra
Restricted accessLlausas_etal_2020_LandscapeRes_final.pdf.jpg2020What future for decommissioned historic irrigation canals? Crafting new identities in the Lower Ter (Spain)Llausàs, Albert; Ribas Palom, Anna; Ricart Casadevall, Sandra, et al
Open accessVillar-Navascues_etal_2020_Water.pdf.jpg27-Aug-2020Why (Not) Desalination? Exploring Driving Factors from Irrigation Communities’ Perception in South-East SpainVillar Navascués, Rubén Alejandro; Ricart Casadevall, Sandra; Gil-Guirado, Salvador, et al