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Acceso restringido2019_Calabuig_etal_ThermochimActa_final.pdf.jpgene-2019TG-FTIR study of evolved gas in the decomposition of different types of tobacco. Effect of the addition of SBA-15Calabuig, Emilio; Juárez-Serrano, Nerea; Marcilla, Antonio
Acceso restringido2017_Marcilla_etal_ThermActa_final.pdf.jpg10-nov-2017TGA/FTIR study of the behavior of sodium and potassium citrates in the decomposition of 3R4F tobacco. N2 and air atmospheresMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Acceso abierto2014_Gomez-Siurana_etal_ThermActa.pdf.jpg26-abr-2014TGA/FTIR study of the MCM-41-catalytic pyrolysis of tobacco and tobacco–glycerol mixturesGómez-Siurana, Amparo; Marcilla, Antonio; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Acceso restringido2015_Marcilla_JAAP_final.pdf.jpgmar-2015TGA/FTIR study of the pyrolysis of diammonium hydrogen phosphate–tobacco mixturesMarcilla, Antonio; Beltrán, M.I.; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo, et al
Acceso restringido2013_Gomez-Siurana_etal_TA_final.pdf.jpg10-dic-2013TGA/FTIR study of tobacco and glycerol–tobacco mixturesGómez-Siurana, Amparo; Marcilla, Antonio; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Embargado2018_Marcilla_etal_JSciFoodAgric_final.pdf.jpgdic-2018TGA‐FTIR study of the pyrolysis of sodium citrate and its effect on the pyrolysis of tobacco and tobacco/SBA‐15 mixtures under N2 and air atmospheresMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Embargado2017_Marcilla_etal_JAAP_final.pdf.jpgmay-2017TGA–FTIR study of the thermal and SBA-15-catalytic pyrolysis of potassium citrate under nitrogen and air atmospheresMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Acceso restringido2013_Beltran_etal_ApplClaySci_final.pdf.jpgoct-2013The influence of surfactant loading level in a montmorillonite on the thermal, mechanical and rheological properties of EVA nanocompositesBeltrán, M.I.; Benavente Domenech, Verónica; Marchante Rodríguez, Verónica, et al
Acceso restringido2013_Marcilla_etal_TA_final.pdf.jpg20-jul-2013Thermal decomposition of the different particles size fractions of almond shells and olive stones. Thermal behaviour changes due to the milling processesMarcilla, Antonio; García, Angela N.; Pastor Matea, María Victoria, et al
Acceso restringido2018_Leon_etal_WasMan_final.pdf.jpgmar-2018Thermochemical conversion of animal by-products and rendering productsLeón, Milagros; García, Angela N.; Marcilla, Antonio, et al
Acceso abiertoE_C22_mmolaya.pdf.jpgjun-1999Thermodinamical consistent method for the calculation of solid-liquid-liquid equilibriumMarcilla, Antonio; Conesa, Juan A.; Olaya, Maria del Mar
Acceso abiertoTGA Tabaco +Aditivos.pdf.jpgnov-2011Thermogravimetric analysis of the pyrolysis of several materials used in the preparation of commercial cigarettesMarcilla, Antonio; Gómez-Siurana, Amparo; Beltrán, M.I., et al
Acceso restringido2013_Valdes_etal_BiorTech_final.pdf.jpgmar-2013Thermogravimetry and Py–GC/MS techniques as fast qualitative methods for comparing the biochemical composition of Nannochloropsis oculata samples obtained under different culture conditionsValdés Barceló, Francisco Javier; Hernández Férez, María del Remedio; García Quesada, Juan Carlos, et al
Embargado2018_Marcilla_etal_FluidPhaseEquilibria_final.pdf.jpg15-oct-2018The unavoidable necessity of considering temperature dependence of the liquid Gibbs energy of mixing for certain VLE data correlationsMarcilla, Antonio; Olaya, Maria del Mar; Reyes-Labarta, Juan A.
Acceso abiertoEducation_LV_.pdf.jpg1-jun-2010Vapor-liquid equilibria using the Gibbs energy and the common tangent plane criterionOlaya, Maria del Mar; Reyes-Labarta, Juan A.; Serrano Cayuelas, María Dolores, et al
Acceso abiertoBook_of_Abstracts_EQUIFASE_X_2015.pdf.jpg7-oct-2015X lberoamerican Conference on Phase Equilibria and Fluid Properties for Process Design (EQUIFASE): June 28-July 1, 2015 - Alicante (Spain): Book of AbstractsMarcilla, Antonio; Gomis Yagües, Vicente; Olaya, Maria del Mar, et al