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Open access2017_Cots_etal_ChemElectroChem_final.pdf.jpgMar-2017Hematite Nanorod Electrodes Modified with Molybdenum: Photoelectrochemical StudiesCots, Ainhoa; Cibrev, Dejan; Bonete Ferrández, Pedro, et al
Embargoed2018_Diaz-Garcia_Gomez_JPhotochemPhotobioA_accepted.pdf.jpg8-Mar-2018Improvement of sol-gel prepared tungsten trioxide photoanodes upon doping with ytterbiumDíaz-García, Ana Korina; Gómez, Roberto
Open access2016_Quinonero_etal_ApplCatB_final.pdf.jpg5-Oct-2016Improving the photoactivity of bismuth vanadate thin film photoanodes through doping and surface modification strategiesQuiñonero, Javier; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa; Gómez, Roberto
Restricted access2013_Jankulovska_etal_JPCC_final.pdf.jpg31-Jan-2013Improving the Photoelectrochemical Response of TiO2 Nanotubes upon Decoration with Quantum-Sized Anatase NanowiresJankulovska, Milena; Barceló Gisbert, Irene; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa, et al
Open access2018_Cots_etal_ACSApplMaterInterfaces_final.pdf.jpg17-Jul-2018Improving the Stability and Efficiency of CuO Photocathodes for Solar Hydrogen Production through Modification with IronCots, Ainhoa; Bonete Ferrández, Pedro; Gómez, Roberto
Restricted access2014_Wang_etal_NanoLetters_final.pdf.jpg19-Sep-2014Interplay Between Structure, Stoichiometry, and Electron Transfer Dynamics in SILAR-based Quantum Dot-Sensitized OxidesWang, Hai; Barceló Gisbert, Irene; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa, et al
Open access2016_Diez_Gomez_ACSApplMaterInterfaces_final.pdf.jpg28-Jul-2016Investigating Water Splitting with CaFe2O4 Photocathodes by Electrochemical Impedance SpectroscopyDíez García, María Isabel; Gómez, Roberto
Embargoed2018_Quinonero_Gomez_ElectActa_final.pdf.jpg1-Jun-2018Iron and cobalt hydroxides: Describing the oxygen evolution reaction activity trend with the amount of electrocatalystQuiñonero, Javier; Gómez, Roberto
Open access2013-XI-Jornadas-Redes-36.pdf.jpg2013A "Know-How vs. Know-What" Approach in the Teaching-Learning of Competences in Physical ChemistryMonllor-Satoca, Damián; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa; Bonete Ferrández, Pedro, et al
Embargoed2019_Ruiz_Gomez_EnergyStorageMaterials_final.pdf.jpgNov-2019The liquid ammoniate of sodium iodide as an alternative electrolyte for sodium ion batteries: The case of titanium dioxide nanotube electrodesRuiz Martínez, Débora; Gómez, Roberto
Open access2017_Diez_Gomez_ChemSusChem_final.pdf.jpg9-Jun-2017Metal Doping to Enhance the Photoelectrochemical Behavior of LaFeO3 PhotocathodesDíez García, María Isabel; Gómez, Roberto
Open access2018_Navarro_Gomez_IndEngChemRes_final.pdf.jpg2018Modeling Pore-Scale Two-Phase Flow: How to Avoid Gas-Channeling Phenomena in Micropacked-Bed Reactors via Catalyst Wettability ModificationNavarro-Brull, Francisco J.; Gómez, Roberto
Restricted access2014_Tallarida_etal_JPCL_final.pdf.jpg3-Oct-2014Modification of Hematite Electronic Properties with Trimethyl Aluminum to Enhance the Efficiency of PhotoelectrodesTallarida, Massimo; Das, Chittaranjan; Cibrev, Dejan, et al
Open access2017_Cibrev_etal_PhysChemChemPhys_final.pdf.jpg31-Jul-2017New insights into water photooxidation on reductively pretreated hematite photoanodesCibrev, Dejan; Tallarida, Massimo; Das, Chittaranjan, et al
Open access2014_Shestakova_etal_Electrochimica-Acta.pdf.jpg4-Jan-2014Novel Ti/Ta2O5-SnO2 electrodes for water electrolysis and electrocatalytic oxidation of organicsShestakova, Marina; Bonete Ferrández, Pedro; Gómez, Roberto, et al
Restricted access2013_Cibrev_etal_IJHE_final.pdf.jpg27-Feb-2013Oxygen evolution at ultrathin nanostructured Ni(OH)2 layers deposited on conducting glassCibrev, Dejan; Jankulovska, Milena; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa, et al
Restricted access2018_Cots_etal_JSolidStateElectrochem_final.pdf.jpgJan-2018Photoelectrochemical behavior of molybdenum-modified nanoparticulate hematite electrodesCots, Ainhoa; Cibrev, Dejan; Bonete Ferrández, Pedro, et al
Restricted access2015_Recatala_etal_ChemSusChem_final.pdf.jpgJan-2015Photogeneration of Hydrogen from Water by Hybrid Molybdenum Sulfide Clusters Immobilized on TitaniaRecatalá, David; Llusar, Rosa; Gushchin, Artem L., et al
Open accessInvestigacion-e-Innovacion-Educativa-en-Docencia-Universitaria_174.pdf.jpg2016Planificación de la enseñanza basada en problemas en asignaturas del área de Química FísicaBonete Ferrández, Pedro; Cots, Ainhoa; Díez García, María Isabel, et al
Restricted access2014_Cibrev_etal_ACS-AMI_final.pdf.jpg13-Jun-2014Potentiostatic Reversible Photoelectrochromism: An Effect Appearing in Nanoporous TiO2/Ni(OH)2 Thin FilmsCibrev, Dejan; Jankulovska, Milena; Lana-Villarreal, Teresa, et al